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by Josh
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All about a maid/house helper who had committed sudden flaws inside the house.
Our Maid's Trouble
By Joshua A. Apolonio

It was summer when our maid, Marilyn, came and applied as a full-time house cleaner. Yes, she was able to perform well. She does everything my mother asks her. At first, she was a bit shy and wary, but she was really able to accomplish good and do her different jobs very well. Aside from cleaning, she was able to cook, too. She cooks different delicious viands, most especially the one of the most popular Filipino cuisine, the Philippine Adobo.

Marilyn, however, was not able to finish her studies. She had just finished her first grade and was not able to know how to read and write as well. Due to poverty, she was not able to have a good educational attainment. But, in terms of working hard such as of carrying big bags and luggage, cleaning, and other stuff, it is so a small thing.

After few months, maybe about 3 or 5, things have changed. Well, I can still say that she still does her job well. But, she acted a little weird.

"Ma'am, I'll just go out. My husband is outside and he wants to meet me for a while."

"Alright. What time will you come back?" said mother.

"I'll be quick, ma'am. Maybe after 5 minutes, I'll be back."

But then, Marilyn has just arrived after 3 and a half hour.

"Where did you go? You said you'll be back after 5 minutes! You've been out for the past 3 hours!"

"I'm so sorry ma'am, but my daughter was there, too. My husband told me to stay over for the couple of hours but then I didn't notice the time, ma'am. I truly apologize. I promise not to do it again."

"Well, you should be! Clean up the backyard because it's so messy."

"Okay, madam."

"After that, cook our dinner."

Marilyn just smiled and thought that everything is alright. After cleaning the backyard, she opened the fridge and made the family's dinner.

"Ma'am, the food is ready. You may all eat."

I, my sisters, and my parents went downstairs, but we got disappointed about the food.

"Marilyn, what is this?" said I.

"Fried Chicken, kuya. Why?" said she.

"But where's the honey glazed chicken in the fridge?"

"Which one, kuya?"

"The chickens on the plate inside the fridge. Where is it?"

"Oh, kuya. That's the one. I fried it."

"What? Did you fry it? You don't have to fry that! It's already cooked! Itâs just that, it has honey on it. Maybe you thought it is marinated."

Mother just let me be calmed. Actually, that food is one of my favorite's that is why I feel regretful. Well, we don't have a choice. We have to eat what's on the table.

After a week, our big fridge stopped working properly, so we were able to pick everything inside of the fridge and put it on a table, and then, Marilyn will be responsible for picking those up again and bring it inside the smaller fridge. The next day, I have noticed that some of our products were missing. I was looking for the cheese that time.

"Marilyn, where's the cheese? Where did you put it?"

"Oh, I remembered that it is inside the freezer."

"What? Why would it be in the freezer? It should not be in there! Itâs supposed to be only in a chiller."

"Oh, kuya. I did not put there. I was not the one. It was your sister who put it there, kuya. Not me."

"So, why would it be here?"

"I donât know, kuya."

So, I got the butter and the cheese put back in the chiller. I have noticed that the drinks were there, too! Oh, my goodness. Is it necessary to put the Coke inside the freezer? I don't think so. What I have done was that I asked my sisters about it if they were really the one who put the cheese and the other stuff in the freezer. Of course, they said no. Well, what I do now is just try to understand that she really is like that. Truly, she has done many flaws already but she did not admit it, like, for example, when she left the spoon with the salad in the microwave, and also, when she left the gas stove open. But then, she is able to blame her failures to others. I have to talk to my mother and tell her that she has to talk to Marilyn.

"Mother, I think you have to talk to Marilyn. You have to talk to her because sheâs forgetting her good side. Sheâs blaming others about her faults."

"Yes. I know that, son. I was thinking about that. Your father and I were talking about that last night. I'll see her later. She's just doing
the dishes."

And so, they talked.

"I truly apologize, maâam. You know that Iâm not well educated. I canât accept that sometimes I do something against your will."

"What would you do now? What's your plan?"

"I don't know, ma'am. Maybe it's time for me to go home and find a new job which is really suitable for me."

"Actually, you don't have to go home. This is your home, Marilyn. You belong with us. I accept your apology. Just always be honest."

"I promise, ma'am."

"Don't blame others your faults, Marilyn. If you had a mistake, admit it and we will try to correct it."

"Thank you, ma'am. I will."

And after that, Marilyn has no longer let herself be flawed. Yet, sometimes she still does, but it was lessened. At last, she finally learned her lesson even though she is not well educated.
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