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the Sirens song should always be feared.
Beautiful yet deceptive,
they lie through their teeth.
The evil I speak of,
are the Sirens of the sea.

They sing their song,
as sweet as honey.
They want your life,
not your money.

All is not as it seems,
the Sirens dance,
their eyes do gleam.

Its all an act,
to draw you in.
to catch a sailor,
so they can win.

Beauty and grace,
they never frown.
For their ambition,
is to make you drown.

Down to the depths,
they will drag.
Thats when the Siren,
turns into a hag.

The ocean shows them,
for what they are.
Withered old monsters,
with claws and scars.

So heed my warning.
When you hear.
The Sirens song,
should fill you with fear.
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