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Hillary Clinton was President...
Patrick was so excited to be giving a reading to an important celebrity.
He got his Oxford tie and wore it with his rose dress shirt.
Maybe, his name was being mentioned in important circles?
He had been scraping out a living as a holistic dog groomer.
But, his website had over 236,000.00 hits.
Patrick rang the bell of his client's apartment in downtown Portsmouth.
She was ravishing in her sheer nude dress.

"I will begin with an Egyptian incantation." Patrick said raising his feather in the air.
"May your knives not get hold of me.
May your blood not poison me.
May I not fall into your slaughter house.
For I know your name Osiris.

Deliver me from that God whose face
is that of a hound,
whose skin is that of a man
who liveth upon the damn ,
digesting human hearts filled with filth.
One seeth him not."

Jennifer Lawrence stared blankly at Patrick,
"I have an inoperable aneurism."
Patrick felt a need to pee, but held it.
He cleared his throat, "Oh, mighty Ah Men Rah!
Enter this good woman and heal her!"
Patrick waved his ostrich feather over her head
and sprinkled Dasani water on her forehead.
She removed her wet silk dress and knelt before him.

"That was amusing." Lucifer remarked and stepped out
from behind a curtain. Jennifer crossed her arms, gripping
her shoulders; her eyes looking downward at the pentagram
carved in the floor. Patrick peed himself, "Does she have an aneurism ?"
"Well, if she did she would be on a slab." Lucifer smirked as she watched
the puddle growing at Patrick's feet.
"Be a doll and clean him up." Lucifer commanded her imps, who flew about
Patrick, like firer flies. In two shakes of a lamb's tale he was stripped to the bone.
Jennifer rose to her feet, holding his skull before her Mistress.

"Thank you, dear." Lucifer held the skull and looked into its empty sockets;
"Now Patrick, I want you to go to Iran and assassinate the Ayatollah Khomeini."
Patrick answered, "Yes." His astral body was transported to the Ayatollah's
press conference where Patrick ripped out the throat of the supreme leader
with his teeth. He was shot and instantly vanished. His spirit fell into Hell,
where he was given a new Anunnaki body. "Thank you Lucifer." Patrick hissed
as he stood before Jennifer Lawrence in her apartment.

"No one can attain power without the blessing of the Lord of this world."
Jennifer said with a toothy smile. Lucifer joined their hands and pronounced
them wedded. "Now that whore of the seven hills is President; we are unchained."
Lucifer proclaimed with a clap of thunder. They all went out for fish and chips at the
Royal House.+


Chapter 2
The Republican Remnant

Any opposition to the great whore of Babylon was futile. The noble and stoic
conservative Raganites retreated to Fox News. There they valiantly proclaimed
their completely irrelevant family values in a hedonistic culture. Many Fox News
contributors were martyred in the streets. The surviving members lived in walled
camps near the studio, Hillary Clinton's power increased as many called her a Goddess.
Her husband had many orgies in the White House where it was rumored human sacrifices
had taken place. The Five noblest Fox News contributors openly demanded the President's
impeachment and were mocked by the main stream media. Lucifer was delighted
that the supreme leader of Iran had been eliminated. Now, nothing could stop the gates
of Hell from being opened. The Pope called on his best astrologer to find a way to keep
Hell sealed.

Felicity was summoned to the Vatican, .. She brought a Tarot Deck.
"Is there a way to stop the coming tribulations?" the Pope pleaded .
Felicity turned a card and revealed the Tower and took a sip of cranberry juice.
"No." she replied. "Perhaps, we should pray for peace?" the Pope clasped his
hands around his rosary. Felicity shook her head.
The Pope's face filled with despair, "Evil must be stopped."
"I think Jesus would want to fight Evil." Felicity smiled back.
She was raised Roman Catholic, but she had a Jewish mother,
who had taught her, "To never forgive, never forget."
She had been put on the Vatican' Astrologist list, because of her clarity in
foretelling the future.. She predicted the rise of the Antichrist in pop culture.+
"The Beatles had been the four horsemen of anarchy." Felicity wrote in her Book of
Prophecy; "The Antichrist will use the media like a trumpet that will be heard throughout
the world and only a few will be able to resist it."


Chapter 3
Aerial Everlasting, but Age Long

Aerial was an Elemental Angel. She lived in dreams.
The Bible had many great dreams that came from God.
Aerial had walked with these prophets: Abimelelh, Jacob, Solomon, Nabuchodosor,
Daniel and Saint Joseph and the Apostle Paul.+
They had all walked the Earth and in time returned to her womb.
Aerial knew the great dream of the Origin. She knew that mankind was only a short
wick in the mind of God. She loved life and the harmony of creation.
She could not tolerate Lucifer and her jealous lust for power.

In age long times, before mankind Aerial had fought with Michael against Lucifer.
The war had driven Lucifer and her demons to Earth. They were sky Gods to the
primitive people. Lucifer never gave up her war with the Origin.
She put the primitive people to work in slave labor, mining gold and other minerals
to rebuild her fleet .. Aerial and her angels intervened and drove Lucifer and
her demons under ground. The great golden city of the Inca empire was built to
honor these Aerial sky Gods. Their sacred crop drawings could only be seen by the
sky gods. Their temples made of massive stone atop mountains could only have
been built by Angels.

This then was the origin of war amongst mankind between those who worshiped peace and
those who lusted for power. Lucifer would never accept peace. She would have absolute
dominion over the Origin of life. Jesus knew this and pondered the balance of life and death.
If he made his presence known to the world, would there be peace?
How do you fight a fanatical hatred of peace? Bombs would only lead to inevitable Armageddon.
"A terrorist hides in our midst." Lawrence announced at a press conference.
"Is there anyone, who can stop him?" he continued. Lawrence had served Lucifer for
many years. He pointed to the photo of Jesus. "As the head of the TSA, I enact the Patriot Act
and lock down all interstate travel and overseas travel until this threat is ended.
Shall the fate of a nation be threatened by one man?" Jesus was placed on the most wanted
terrorist list.

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