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A military husband and wife return from seperate tours of active duty
Tom and Alice met each other at the airport baggage claim. They were both returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tom slid his arms around Alice’s waist and pressed his mouth to hers. Her lips parted under the gentle probing of his tongue and welcomed its entry with hers.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Mason,” Tom whispered in Alice’s ear.

“Welcome home, Mr. Mason,” Alice whispered back.

They collected their military issue duffle bags and made their way out to the curb in front of the airport. They hailed a cab, which drove them back to their apartment. They dropped their duffle bags near the door, and Tom lifted Alice into his arms. He carried her back to their master bedroom and continued on into the adjoining bathroom. He covered her neck with hot wet kisses as he removed her shirt. He kissed his way down her chest to the edge of her bra and ran his tongue along the line where the bra met her smooth, pale, warm flesh. Alice moaned as he dipped his tongue into her cleavage. She removed the bra to give him access to her stiffened nipples. Tom up one breast and circled the hardened, swollen, tip of her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh Tom,” Alice moaned as he licked his way to her other breast. “I’ve missed your hot wet mouth, your firm lips, and your soft tongue.”

Tom grunted around a mouth full of her breast. He unzipped her blue jeans and trailed kisses down her smooth stomach. He rimmed her navel with the tip of his tongue and swirled it into the soft crevice. His hands worked her jeans from her hips, taking her panties with them. Alice slid her fingers into his hair as he trailed kissed down her hairy mound to the soft folds of her sex. He inhaled her sweet female smell and tantalized her with a soft slow lick over her slit. She sighed in bereavement as he stood and removed his own shirt.

“It’s been so long,” Alice whined, pressing her naked breast against his firm chest and abs. “I want you so much Tom.”

“I want you too, Alice.” He reached over and turned on the water in their tub. “I also want to make this last as long as I can.”

Alice pressed light kisses to his chest and flicked her tongue over his nipple. Tom groaned and cupped the back of her head. She suckled his nipple to a stiffened point and kissed her way across his chest to the other. Tom groaned and massaged her scalp as she suckled and licked it to a hardened point.

“I have missed your hot mouth as well,” Tom groaned. He stepped back and turned away from her to test the water. His breath caught in his throat as she pressed her firm breasts and stiffened nipples against his bare back. She wrapped her arms around his waist, opened his jeans, and slid his pants and boxer down to his ankles. Tom stepped out of his pants and pulled the plunger up to switch the water to the shower head. He chuckled as felt Alice lick her way up the back of his legs and over his buttocks. “Alice, you little tease.”

“You think that was a tease?” Alice inquired. She slid her arms around his waist and gripped the long hard shaft of his cock with both hands. She slid her hand over the smooth taught flesh.

“You’re going to make me explode,” Tom growled. He freed himself from her grip and pulled her into the shower with him.

The warm water slushed over their bodies. Tom lathered some body wash in his hands and slid them over Alice’s slick body. He lingered on her breasts and circled the sensitive nipples with his thumbs.

After she rinsed off Alice lather body wash in her hands and slid them over Tom’s hard slick muscles. She rubbed his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. Tom’s head fell back and he groaned as a shot of cum squirted from his opening.

After their shower Tom carried Alice into their bedroom and laid her in the center of their bed. He laid beside her and lined his head up with her crotch. She turned on her side, and lifted her leg and licked her slit. She slid her hot wet mouth over the length of his smooth hard cock. She matched her sucking with the suction of his mouth on her clit. They both moaned against each other genitals as the pleasured each other.

After tasting each other’s release they changed position so Tom was leaning back against the pillows piled in front of the head board. Alice straddled him and slid her hot, wet, pussy down onto his long, hard, cock. She moved up and down his length slowly until he grabbed her hips and thrust up inside her. Her breasts bounced rapidly as he impaled her on his long, hot, rod. Their loud moans of pleasure harmonized as her pussy flexed around his throbbing cock. He gave one last hard thrust and filled her with his hot, sticky cum.

Word Count: 869
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