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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2042624
Can we use virtual reality to fly?
Sora (Japanese name, literally: sky) had a name that fit him really well.
Since Sora was a little boy, he was fascinated by the blue skies overhead - the way the sun was rising and setting, the way the colors changed - from pale blue to orange to blood red.
Sora liked to fly. In his time and age everyone could fly using virtual reality helmets. Nothing is easier - you put on the helmet, choose the settings and that's it! You enter virtual reality where you can do anything you want.

Today Sora was returning from a party. His head felt a little light (he did drink a bit), and he wanted to fly a few minutes before sleep like he always did.
But something felt wrong today. He was flying through the air but it felt more like falling than flying. A second before Sora hit the ground, he realized that he forgot the helmet.


With virtual reality technologies on the rise (Oculus Rift for example), we need to be extremely careful. This short story symbolizes the danger in mixing up reality and virtual reality.

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