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Rated: E · Fiction · Psychology · #2042631
What a person thinks of his life when he has no time.
I am walking home from my office. it is a nice thirty minute walk I have to take daily. I always have a lot of time to think about my day. But today it is different. This is the last day of my office. What do I do from tommorrow. That very thought is making me very uneasy. I knew this day would come but i am not ready for this. I know my wife will be more than happy for me waiting at home. She thinks now I will have lot of time to spend with her.Well I would love to but I am already feeling emptiness in my heart. I love my wife but is that enough? I should be happy to keep her happy. Then many thoughts came to my mind.

I would have started my own business so that I dont have to retire now and still work on my own happily. Oh why didnt I do that when I had time. I really wanted to go back in time now and do what I always wanted to do. I had no time now. This sudden feeling I am having about not starting my own business when I had time is eating my heart. I never had any other regrets in my life other than this. Oh man why did I dint do it when I had time.

Suddenly I am feeling very restless. It is becoming hard for me to take the next step. I am feeling a pain in my heart. Oh my god I really dont have any time. Oh God please not today. I have to do more. I need more time. But I know I am not getting any. How helpless it is to think that we have no time. How did I waste such precious time. If I had another life. I will know the value of time and live every second of it. I fell on the road and my eyes are closed.


" Wake up honey" I hear my wife's voice. Oh I lived. Thank God he has given me some time. I opened my eyes slowly and can see a beautiful woman in front of me waking me up. I am confused and thought I am dreaming.

The next words she told me banged on my head like a lighting bolt.

" Wake up honey, you are getting late to the office".

What a nice dream I might be young in my dream. I woke up and kissed my wife for which she was surprised. But i really dont want to waste any time in my life atleast in this dream. When I went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror and see myself slowly I came to the reality. Oh my God this is not a dream. I am still young. I still had a lot of time in my life. That one feeling gave me a 1000 volts of power to me. What a surprise. I still had a lot of time.

I will make the most use of it and there should not be any regrets in my life when I grow old.

I had a lot of time.

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