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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2042664
A 32 line epic poem for the Lair Contest.

Amidst the snow-capped mountains lives a vile
Looking dragon named 'Yeti' ,with its sheer
Gloom enveloping the whole icy cave:
Reeking of a musty odor; ghoulish.

She lives in an abundant land- full of
Apricots and luscious peaches throbbing
With vivaciousness, ample sprightliness.
She flails her hands in the air with immense joy.

She is sitting alone on a chair in her room,
When suddenly a black silhouette frightens
Her and she, losing control of mind;
Screams and raves wildly like a lunatic.

The abominable Yeti pounces
Upon her, and tugs at her clothes in order
To exhibit it's utter shamelessness.
Poses an unfathomable ruthlessness.

She roars and screeches after being stabbed
By the beast, and begs for the only alms
Of her own very existence, and she
Is filled with tremendous terror, panic.

A sprinkle of exquisite flowers from
Above jolts her, she gropes for a new
Horizon in her life ;as her mirth sways
Away her past sorrow, and she rollicks.

The Yeti weeps now tears of penitence.
In solitude and loneliness, pass his
Days of pure gloom and uncanny remorse;
And it bangs its head at the willow tree.

The Yeti now speaks his deeds of mistakes,
In a crowd thronging with thousands of people.
The Yeti now shakes hands with his victim,
Pleads humbly saying that, "I am sorry."
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