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Outline of a novel I started, but for some reason never continued with.
New Story Idea

Western story with Magical Twist

Setting: Old West, mix of traditional and magic

Gideon Jericho. Bounty Hunter/Troubleshooter
Gideon to women
Mr. Jericho to men and children

Enscoralled Six Shooters, forged from the sword Galantine (Formerly sword of Sir Gawaine, one of King Arthur’s knights), normal Winchester rifle. Six Shooters used against magic creatures, rifle used against everything else. Horse? Something else? Nothing else? Dog of some sort. Bowie Knife is an Athame, or magic dagger.
Gideon is a large man, wears a large black coat over a gray shirt and dark pants. Wears a satchel with items for his spells across his chest. Sometimes it moves on its own. He wears boots, but not spurs.

Shadow Mastiff, named Brutus. The dog communicates with Gideon telepathically, was once owned and abused by a demon, but Gideon destroyed the demon, and took pity on the dog. Treated Brutus well, now the dog in extremely loyal to Gideon.

Horse is normal. No name.

Primary Antagonist/Repeating Character:
The Cat Lord, Also known as Garath. Servant of Bast, Egyptian goddess of Cats. Not evil or good, but Gideon’s main competition. He is on friendly terms with some of the Chinese Triads, but not all of them. Hates snakes of any sort, hates rats and other “vermin” as a normal cat would. Enemy of Set, evil god of Egypt. Very amoral, but very good as a bounty hunter. Occasionally has a cheetah near by, Simledon. The cat and Brutus do not get along, but will cooperate if Gideon and Garath do.

Brainstorming Section, just random ideas that popped into my head.
Antagonists: Vampire, zombies, Basilisk. Succubus working at bordello. Genie or efreet. Giant (Stone) Harpy, Hell Hound, Imp or Quasit, Lich, Were Wolf, Were Bear, Were Rat (Were Rats infesting a mine? Attacking the miners, but not all at once), Mastodon, Night Hag, Naga (Chinese), Rakshasa, Roc, Wight, Ghoul, Wind Walker, Will-O-The-Wisp, Wyvern, Yeti, Giant Ant Lion, The Cat Lord (Pimp? Something Else? Reoccurring Character ), Cheetah as pet of Cat Lord. The Kraken for an at sea adventure. Jermlaine, Needleman, Scarecrow, others as ideas sprout. Feathered Serpent this book.

Book, 25 chapters. No limit on pages, write as the ideas flow.

3 pages max for hook (No set length, but keep short)
3-4 pages for epilogue (No set length, but also keep short)
Series book, each should be self contained. See the random ideas from above.

Ideas to self: Copy/Paste chapter breakdown idea at top of each chapter to focus on where things are supposed to be going.

Chapter Breakdown:

Prologue: Miners in the Lucky Englishman’s Mine break into a cavern, releasing an ancient evil. Most are killed; one survives to report attack of giant snake creature.

1. Gideon Jericho arrives in town, riding a horse, followed by a huge black dog. Rides into town just as the miner is trying to explain what happened up in the mine.
2. Sheriff says that the town law can handle things, tells Jericho that his services are not needed. Sheriff and posse ride off to investigate mine.
3. Sheriff returns missing three men, claims nothing was out at the mine. Seems dazed, doesn’t explain what happened to the rest of his men.
4. A small boy (age 8) comes into town, telling of a creature that attacked his family’s ranch. The ranch is between the town and the mine. Jericho goes to investigate himself. Takes Brutus.
5. Jericho arrives at the ranch, finds snake tracks that abruptly disappear, replaced by human footprints. Jericho knows he is facing a shapeshifter. Tells boy to stay at the ranch. Jericho searches for the shapeshifter, but has to break off when he discovered the boy following him (Brutus informs him). While going back down a box canyon, he is attacked by shapeshifter. Escapes with boy.
6. The Cat Lord (Garath) arrives by stagecoach, looks around. Checks into the fanciest hotel in town, the Imperial. Watches as Jericho returns to town with the boy.
7. Jericho takes boy to his aunt. Leaves boy, returns to his hotel, the cheaper one. Finds the miner in the bar, trying to drink away the events of the mine.
8. After getting information from the miner, Jericho decides to see if there is any other information to be found. Asks desk clerk if anyone new is in town, is told about The Cat Lord.
9. Jericho goes to the Imperial, sees Garath playing cards, and cheating so well that none of the other players notice. Sits in, and uses his own skills to push the money back to the other players.
10. Garath and Jericho step out to talk, and are attacked by the shapeshifter. The shapeshifter escapes by turning into a feathered, flying snake. Jericho fires at the snake, but misses when knocked over by Garath. Jericho and Garath take off to search for and destroy the feathered snake. The trail turns up cold at an abandoned Spanish Mission. Jericho and Brutus search the Mission; Garath leaves them to search the town.
11. Feathered serpent ambushes Garath, using the Sheriff and his controlled posse to attack. Garath appears to go down under the attack, but Jericho kills the Sheriff and posse. Jericho takes the wounded Garath back to town.
12. Garath is left with the aunt and the boy to heal up, since Jericho doesn’t know/trust anybody else in town. Jericho is properly “thanked” for saving the life of the young boy by the aunt. (Optional sex scene)
13. Jericho returns to town to get more information about the mining camp, is turned away by a bureaucrat. Sends in Brutus to look over documents. Finds out that the claim has just changed hands, to a Raphael Bandarres. Bandarres is a longtime resident of the town, but never was interested in mining before. (Possessed by the feathered serpent.)
14. While returning to his hotel, Jericho is attacked again by the shapeshifter. This time, he does get a shot off, wounding the creature along the side of the head. The creature retreats, but Jericho is stunned by the attack, and cannot pursue.
15. Jericho finds signs around the town saying that the Lucky Englishman Mine is hiring miners, and that the other miners were killed by a cave in, not a creature as the “rumors” have it. Jericho checks in on the miner who survived finds him dead with a look of pure horror on his face.
16. Garath leaves the aunts house, and looks for Jericho. Both men go to investigate Raphael Bandarres. Bandarres’ ranch is located between the town and mine, and is now where the feathered serpent plots to sacrifice the town to bring back other bloodthirsty Aztec gods. The two men search the ranch and outbuildings. The body of the real Bandarres is discovered buried in a shallow grave, along with the rest of his family.
17. Jericho and Garath go to investigate the Lucky Englishman’s Mine, travelling through the woods. They set up a lookout over the entrance of the mine. The feathered serpent, in the form of Raphael Bandarres, is using the hired miners to build an Aztec temple. Other bizarre creatures hop, crawl and slither around.
18. Seeing that a frontal attack is out of the question, the two men decide to try to find a back entrance to the mine. After searching for a while, they find an air vent just large enough to descend one behind the other. The vent is guarded by one of the creatures in Chapter 18. Jericho uses magic from his satchel to get rid of the creature.
19. Jericho and Garath enter the mines from the air vents, and begin creeping through the mine back to the main entrance. In a side room, they find a case of dynamite. There are no guards in the mine, since the feathered serpent knows that there are no other entrances to the mine.
20. Jericho and Garath load the dynamite into a mine cart, and push it up to the entrance of the mine. While getting ready to destroy the temple and the demons with explosives, both men see the aunt about to be sacrificed. Both men had slept with her, and neither wants to kill her this way. Jericho shoots at the feathered serpent, interrupting the ceremony. Enraged, the FS sends his minions into the mine after Jericho and Garath.
21. The creatures pursue Jericho and Garath into the mine. The two men run, pushing the mine cart before them. They reach the air vent room, and scramble up the vent shaft. Brutus uses his ability to pass through walls to set off the explosives, and escape unharmed.
22. Jericho and Garath return to the temple, where the FS has returned to the sacrifice. Only one or two of his creatures remain each holding the arms or legs of the aunt. The FS is about to rape and kill the aunt to complete his spell; Jericho shoots his member off.
23. Jericho and Garath run to the temple, killing the two remaining guards. The FS is capable of healing himself, and tries to heal his manhood enough to complete the spell. Garath leaps onto the FS, and kills him. The two men free the aunt, who is somewhat embarrassed to admit to sleeping with both men. All three return home.

Epilogue: Raphael Bandarres’ relatives arrive to claim the mine and ranch. The town asks if the two men can become the law in town, but the differences between the two men are too much. Jericho and Garath leave town, but only after leaving the aunt with a tidy sum of gold from the mine.

The End
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