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A scifi story about a star ship that creates new life in order to save one.
Chapter 1:Dead ships don't tell tales.

Kim was on her way to a private meeting with John Webster, Nasa's new director.She already new what it was about, they were going to make her Destiny's captain.Kim couldn't believe it was almost time to start assembling Destiny.Specially after what had happened to Project Destiny.Project Destiny was sabotaged while in its final stages of testing.Only two people survived, John and a child named
Arora.They were both saved by Project Destiny's R.I.Athena,"R.I. stands for real intelligence,"R.I.'s have developed over the years into there own race, and consider it a great honor to serve as an R.I..Athena was also Arora's mom and after sealing off the compartment that John and Arora were in, had just enough time to download her self into project destiny's mainframe and in the future would become a part of Destiny's programming.Kim was almost to John's office,but she kept smelling smoke."Why am I smelling smoke," she thought as she reached for the door,then there was a bright flash and searing pain," where am I?"" whats going on,?" then the memories started coming back, at first slowly then like a flood, Destiny was on her first light speed test of the gravnetic drive system.Kim tried to stand up,but slipped in her own blood, then there was the unmistakeable taste of copper and iron in her mouth, "STATUS REPORT!"she yelled threw the acrid smoke.Automatic systems are down.Was the only response she got."Manual overide, Emergency Ventilate Now!"
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