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A couple says "good-bye" to their old house and "hello" to their new house.
It was late when Daniel and Mary finished packing all of their belongings. Every thing was loaded into the moving van; including their bed. Mary stood in the middle of their empty apartment scanning the living room/dining room/kitchen area for any thing they might have forgotten. A pair of thick, muscular arms slid around her waist and a mouth sucked gently on the side of her neck. She raised her arm and wrapped it around Daniel’s head, gripping some of his thick, silk, blonde hair in her fingers. He trailed kisses to her ear and suckled the lobe, squeezing it between his teeth.

“Did we forget anything?’ Mary asked in a breathy voice.

“No,” Daniel answered. His hand slid up her dress and cupped one of her large full breasts. He massaged her nipple through the thin cotton. “Did you pack all of your bras?”

“Yes,” Mary gasped as he pinched her pointed nipple through her dress, “And my panties too.”

“Naughty woman,” Daniel chided. He lifted her skirt with his other hand and gave her tight little ass a stinging slap. “When we moved in here I made you come in every room. It seems only fitting I do it again before we leave.”

Mary groaned as he slid two fingers inside her. He teased her all day so she was soaked and her juices ran down her inner thighs. She bucked against his thrusting fingers until her orgasm lifted her to her toes.

Daniel moved her to the dining area and knelt in front of her. He lifted her skirt and licked her dripping slit, spreading her folds with his tongue until he found her clit. He sucked the sensitive bulb of nerves until she came down his chin.

Their next location was the kitchen where Daniel slid his tongue inside her and drank down the warm flow of juices she released. The third orgasm made Mary’s legs weak so Daniel lifter her into his arms and carried her down the hall to their bathroom. He turned the water on for a shower and pulled her in without giving her a chance to remove her dress. The water soaked the wite cotton, making the garment transparent so he could see her red stiffened nipples. His sodden t-shirt and jeans clung to his muscular body. He pulled the detachable shower head from its mount and adjusted the spray to a gentle massage. Mary turned her back to him bent forward and rested her palms against the shower wall. Daniel the shower head nozzle up and slid it between her thighs, so it sprayed her bare sex directly. Mary moaned and gyrated over the tormenting water. Her knees wobbled again and her feet slipped. Daniel caught her before she hit the floor with an arm around her waist. He replaced the shower head and turned off the water. They stepped out of the shower and peeled off their soaked clothes, which they hung on the towel rack beside the shower to dry. They went into their bedroom and stretched out on the double sleeping bag spread out on the floor. Daniel lay between Mary/s thighs and slid his long, hard cock inside her clenching sex.

“This will be our last time making love in this room,” Daniel whispered. He withdrew from her until his engorged crown rested outside of her hole.

“Yes!” Mary moaned as he slid inch by inch into her until he was root deep.

Daniel slid in and out of her with long full strokes. As her hole tightened around him he thrust faster and harder until he filled her with his warm release.

. .

The next morning Daniel drove the moving van to their new home. Mary sat on the bench seat beside him and massaged his cock through his blue jeans. He woke up with morning wood, and she made sure he kept it. They arrived at their new house and Daniel carried Mary over the threshold. When he set her down and closed the door, she unzipped his jeans and knelt in front of him.

“Mary,” Daniel gasped as she slid her hot wet mouth over his long, hard cock. “We will not be alone here for long.”

“Then we better hurry,” Mary said. She continued giving him oral pleasure until he released in her mouth. “That was your orgasm for this room.”

Daniel smiled down at her as she tucked him back into his boxers and closed his blue jeans. Unpacking the moving van took less time than packing it. Once they were unpacked they fed their helpers pizza and sent them on their way.

“Well, I guess I better go assemble the bed so we have somewhere to sleep,” Daniel sighed. He was about to ascend the stairs when Mary grabbed his arm. He looked down at her through tired blue eyes.

“Let’s hold of on that for now,” she suggested. She led him into the dining room and motioned for him to sit in the chair she pulled out from the table. When he sat, she knelt between his legs and opened his pants. “Every room in the house remember?”

Word Count: 865
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