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The influence of a group called 'The Masters' in the Modern World.
         It was necromancy – the black magic. The necropsy couldn’t reveal anything. Few people thought that it was a recent neologism as they never heard it. The neonate’s nutritive nurturing enhanced him as a child born with nirvana – the joy of life. He had a nemesis from birth. Though many people considered it was a negligible threat, the nefarious intentions of the Masters were clear.
      The Masters supported themselves as a nascent nexus, with a niche of nihilism. In the earlier days, these nihilists were neophytes with nebulous ideas – they weren’t clear enough about anything. As they grew up, they became the ne plus ultra in the science of black magic. Some critics considered this as neurosis, while others say that it was nescience – the absence of knowledge. Some critics even argued that they must be the followers of nestorianism. The families thought that nuptial arrangements such as marriage could become a nostrum, but this method proved nugatory. No one could imagine that this novice group would be renowned in the future as the most notorious dark science pupils of all time.
      The Masters were nocturnal, though they seemed nonchalant around the village by day. Their norm was about the size of twenty, walking on the streets thinking they were nonpareil. Then came; a man, whose hobby was numismatics. He talked politely to the Masters about a meeting. They agreed upon it.
        At the meeting, the numismatic started, “Our people are leading nomadic lives due to your noisome wandering in the village. We are at the nadir of our lives.” As he was continuing, the Masters became nettled. One of the masters stopped him in the middle, “You are narcissistic. You admire yourself so much that you think of yourself as a nicety to mankind. But you are not. You are just a nondescript. You nether the foot of nouveau riche.” The numismatic continued, “We will be making a non sequitur policy with you. You have to stop your noxious activities in the village”, he shouted with a voice of vengeance. The master started laughing. This left the village people in a nonplussed state. The head of the Masters started moving his hands in the air, “Our intentions to cleanse the world are novel. We are just in our novitiate stage and you are too naïve to understand its depth.” Saying this, he lifted the numismatic into the air and tore him into pieces and continued, “There is a nuance distinction between cleansing the world and destroying it. Our normative methods lie right in the middle of it. We nullify your mistakes and negate them.”
      The nostalgia of the death of the coin collector still remains as the village’s worst nightmare. 
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