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She wasn't what he thought she was ~Paradise Cove Writing Challenge~
Natasha knew what she wanted. She knew Jack was a married man, but he was the one who came on to her. Sure she could have slapped him and put him in his place, but she was single with nothing to lose. Jack gave her the impression that he was so much more than what he was in bed. She chose to let him think he had her under his thumb. Natasha played the innocent naive younger woman knowing it gave Jack a sense of control and making him come back for more. She stroked his ego and he stroked her naughty side.

Jack was the very reason Natasha would never get married. Men can be scum. Really Jack was a nice guy, but the fact that he lies to his wife to run into another woman's bed makes him scum. Her apartment was simple, with nothing but the necessities. A small couch, one coffee table a television and kitchen basics. Her bedroom however was different. This was the place she decorated to feel sensual and it made her men feel empowered. It wasn't over the top but it spoke volumes with it's tinted red walls and candles everywhere. The curtains were black velvet and hung to the floor sweeping it when she closed them. The scent of jasmine sprayed on her linens to enhance relaxation, something she always did.

Just getting out of the shower and ready to primp herself, her cell went off.
Jack: Hey baby. I missed you so much this week. I thought maybe I could stop by and see you. You know what I need. I want your plump lips wrapped around my hard on which by the way has been a bother for most of the day.

Natasha: You know I could never say no to you doll. Of course you can come over. I just got out of the shower, so I won't bother getting dressed. I can't wait to give you what you need. I need it too, it's been a long week.

Jack: Perfect, give me an hour and I will be right there. I want to do dirty things to you.

Natasha: Of course you do. Mmm and I can't wait.

She disconnected the phone and poured herself a glass of wine. She thought about Jack often, more often than she should. He was handsome, made great conversation and funny. Knowing she couldn't have him completely was part of the game. Eventually Jack would want her all the time and that was her empowerment. Natasha broke hearts and she was good at it. It became a game for her. Make them fall in love, make them have to struggle between her and their wives. She couldn't lose, they bought her gifts, gave her attention, awesome sex but never stayed. Who wouldn't want that? There is something about wanting the things you know you can't have and the dare of going for it.

It was afterwards when the two lay beside each other inhaling the silence that Jack's phone went off.

“Great, it's the wife. I gotta go, she is relentless.”

“You are a family man Jack so you have duties. I understand." Natasha wrapped herself in a silk robe, pulling the waist in tightly against her." I hope I eased some of your stress today.”

Jack turned to face Natasha and stared into her green eyes. They spoke of passion and strength. He was mesmerized by her carefree attitude. She never expected a thing from him like his wife did. No strings attached. She was dependable as far as a good fuck goes.

“Natasha, I was wondering something. Have you ever thought about raising the bar?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean maybe trying something new in the bedroom?”

Natasha was slightly insulted, “Am I boring you Jack? Do you need more excitement? Isn't it enough that you sneak around behind your wife's back to come and fuck me?”

Jack was taken aback, he wasn't expected the annoyance in her voice. Yes she was great in the sack, but now he wanted more.

“Listen, no worries. I don't want you to think I am pushing you into anything. I love you and I love us. We are a great team baby, and I wouldn't change a thing.”

Wow buddy you are delusional. We aren't a team! You don't love me or us! For fuck sakes this guy thinks he is ruling the roost here.

“Right, I love what we have going on too. Listen you better go and tend to your family. I have things to do anyway. Don't worry there is nobody else.”

Natasha couldn't wait for Jack to leave. She was furious at him to even suggest he needed more. What a sneaky son of a bitch. They always want more. The rest of the night was restless and finally Natasha succumbed to sleep.

Waking up the next morning, she felt a little better. Work went by quickly that day and then she decided to hit up the grocery store. A few things she liked to keep in the house all the time. Standing at the meat counter she was waiting for her order when she heard two women talking behind her.

“I don't know who it is Laura, but he is sneaking around. I'm going to start following him. He never wants sex anymore and when he goes out for whatever reason, he is freshly showered.”
“Have you checked his phone. Are there any messages?”

“I can't seem to get a hold of it long enough to look. I think it might be one of the cashiers at the bank. Jack always mentions how nice this one girl is.”

Natasha couldn't help but wonder if was her they were talking about. It had to be. She worked at the bank, Jack was that guy.

“Leslie, I am sure Jack wouldn't do such a thing. He loves you and the kids.”

“Sometimes love isn't enough you know. We don't spend nearly enough time together as we should. I thought I gave Jack everything he ever needed, but now I have my doubts.”

Natasha couldn't help but feel sorry for Leslie. She is at home wondering where her husband is and he is out screwing around on her. Natasha never got too emotional about this side of things, but this was the first time she listened to the cries of the wife's sorrow. She couldn't stand it anymore, so she left keeping her head down and not making eye contact.

After work that night she took a walk and ended up at a near bar. She ordered a beer and sat to think about things between her and Jack. That was when she heard his voice. She didn't turn around but listened. He was with yet, another woman. Natasha's ears perked up as she tried to keep up with the conversation.

That dirty son of a bitch! Natasha turned just a little so she could make sure she was hearing this right.

“April, baby I love you and I love us, you know that, but I need to raise the bar. I know you have a way with me that brings me to almost tears. Let's try something new. How about we go back to your place and see what happens.”

“Okay Jack, but you have to promise me that there is nobody else. I mean besides your wife. I won't be taken as a fool. It's bad enough I am sleeping with a married man.”
“I promise you there is nobody else.”

Natasha was furious! She decided she would follow them. She let them leave first so there was no suspicion. Once she knew they were out of sight but not totally, she hopped in her car and kept a good distance between them. Her hands clamped tight on the steering wheel making her knuckles go white. Her teeth clamped causing her veins in her head swell with anger.
She started taking pictures of Jack and this April chick. They were playing on their way into her apartment. Laughing, touching and stroking. He wanted to play did he? Okay, I will play. Let's raise the bar Jack.

Once Natasha was sure she had the right amount of evidence on her phone she left. She headed straight back to her place. She undressed and put on her most revealing outfit she could find. Her makeup was perfect with her lips painted shiny red. The wig that she hid for special occasions came out of the closet and she placed it perfectly hiding all of her own blonde hair. Now it was black, blunt and shiny enhancing her lined eyes and pale skin.

Taking out her phone in one hand, she inhaled her cigarette with the other. She took a picture of herself positioned on the bed posing as if she were in a porn movie. Sent!

Natasha: Hey baby, when you told me you loved us and how we play I got to thinking and I would love to raise the bar.

Jack: Are you serious? Oh baby you are mine, all mine. Will you make me feel like a king. Holy fuck Natasha, this pic is gorgeous. I'm hard just looking at you. Did you do all of this for me?

Natasha found this amusing and could only laugh while she sent the text.

Natasha: Remember the 3 three things that are off limits? They are fair game if you get here in the next five minutes.

Jack: Fuck! Okay, give me five minutes and I will be on my way.
Natasha: Oh? Wife keeping you busy is she?

Jack: I aim to please but it doesn't take much where she is concerned.
Natasha: Well I'm horny, lonely and ready to play.

She shut her phone down and rummaged through her purse until she came across Jack's home phone number. He wasn't very clever. Too horny maybe to cover his tracks. Ass hole!
Dialling his home phone number Natasha had to wonder how hurt his wife will be, but she didn't care. He needed to learn a lesson and she needed to leave his sorry ass.

“Hello.” Leslie's voice sounded tired, maybe she woke her up.

“Hi, Leslie is it?”

“Yes. Who is this?”

“Well I am a friend of Jacks, and he isn't feeling so well. He didn't want to go to the hospital so I thought maybe you should come and pick him up. I don't think he can drive.”

“Who in the hell is this? Where is Jack? Put him on the phone right now!”

“I would do just that Leslie, but he passed out. I think maybe he drank too much. He showed up at my door so I let him sleep on the couch. I didn't mean to start anything, but I don't think it is fair to leave you at home worrying.”

“Fine. Where do you live?”

Leslie slammed the phone down and ranted through the house calling Jack every harsh name she could come up with. She called a friend to come and stay with the kids. She didn't want to tell too much of what was going on, so she left quickly slamming the door behind her.

After a few miles, Leslie caught site of Jack's car parked under trees in the dark. That son of a bitch!

It only took her seconds to jump out of the car and pretty much jog across the street. As she reached the house and about to knock she could hear a heated conversation between Jack and another woman.

“Jack when I sent you that text you told me you were at home. Why did you lie? I followed you and this girl back to her place. You mean to tell me you are fucking two of us and then your wife? Seriously Jack an affair is bad enough but now you are a degrading player. You said you loved us and what we had and yet I heard you tell that other girl the same thing!”

“Slow down Natasha! You said you wanted me to come over and raise the bar. You made me think you had a great time planned out for us. Why would you follow me and why wouldn't you just come over and sit with us? Maybe the three of us could have had a good time.”

Natasha slapped him across the face just as the door swung open. Leslie stood there just staring, not at Natasha but at her husband. Her hands were clutching to her purse, pulling it into her stomach. She then glanced at Natasha and gave her a quick once over, “So are you the whore who called me tonight?”

Natasha knew that was coming and was prepared, “Actually I am only one of his whores as you put it. It seems Jack likes variety. His dick seems to be dipping into a few cones one would say.”

Leslie's face went from anger to disbelief. Tears welled up in her eyes and her fingers started to toy with her wedding band. “Jack, is this true? I heard you arguing outside and it seems as though this woman here has caught you with someone else. Do you realize that I sit up at home every other night thinking you are working? How stupid am I Jack? Did I have you so high on a pedestal that it gave you free reign to fuck me over? I loved you that much? Wow, I am stupid aren't I?”

Jack didn't know what to say. He took baby steps towards his wife wanting to be sorry. When he reached out to her, her hand left a hand print on his face.

“Don't you dare tell me you are sorry Jack! You are only sorry that you got caught and you can thank your lover over here for that. She called me and told me to meet her here.”
Jack turned to Natasha, “How could you? I trusted you.”

“Oh Jack, first rule is never trust the other woman. Second rule is never tell anyone about your affair not even yourself. Thirdly, don't put your dick in a position that it has to question itself.

You are a no good for nothing bastard Jack. I always thought so. Oh you might have been great in bed, but it takes two so you can't have all the credit. You aren't the first man I have taken into my bed that was married. Do you know what this will do to your family? You needed to learn a lesson Jack. I'm not sure how your wife could ever forgive you, but if she does you had better earn her forgiveness.”

Leslie listened to every word that Natasha spoke. She glared at Jack,” You know Jack, this woman might be a lot of things, but I think she is right. You needed to learn a lesson. I have been doubting us for some time and this isn't how I thought it would come to play, but I am glad for the wake up call. Don't bother coming home tonight or any other night. We are done. I should have known you weren't being true blue.”

Natasha felt really badly for Leslie but she was also glowing inside. Another one bites the dust! True love doesn't exist, she knew that. She watched her own father have many affairs and watched her mother cry over each one of them. Her mother stayed. Natasha was clouded with resent for all men and used her sexiness as a pay back for those who deserved it.

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