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If I date this girl, I will make some mad.
What can possibly make you read this whole thing? I love you, and I think that will suffice. You're my moon, and this is written with you in mind. I usually don't come out and say that, but I am trying to change up how I talk to you. None of the other readers understand my moon analogy. I have used the moon in my writing very often, and I am sure they look right past it. I used it in pretty much all my writing on here. They'll find it now if they look for it.
The way I am looking at the situation is probably the same way you see it. There's a few characters in play. We have the ex-boyfriend, the lover from the past, and the unsuspecting family. The ex-boyfriend is so far gone in his own self pity, and he just hopes that a fire will strike out of nowhere. The thing is he has no fuel, and he's all smoke now. There's no fire left in him. He left you, and that was his error. The lover of the past is still perfectly in this. He is counting on the fact that I have a girlfriend, and that he can hold on to you for a little while longer. The problem is he is trying to squeeze to hard. The family is going to see a new face, and maybe they won't like me at first. I think some of them (one in particular) would have seen it coming. I will have to prove to them that I am not your ex-boyfriend.
I know there's a whole cast of other characters that are going to have a reaction to this. Our mutual friend will definitely feel some way about it. Do you know who our mutual friend is? I'll give you a hint. He's married. I'm sure the guy that flirts a lot will be in some surprise. The karaoke gang will definitely be in a little shock. So Buttercup, let's surprise them. Let's make some mad. Let's change the world with our love.
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