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Web content for a linguistics company

Blue Elephant â The Tie That Binds

Blue Elephant â Root          
The Colour Blue â Representative of reliability and loyalty. Blue aids intuition, is soothing and is the universally loved color.
The Elephant â symbol of abundance, intellect, empathy and wisdom. Add to these qualities -verbose, glib, imaginative, resourceful and youâve just defined a Blue Elephant, or might we say THE Blue Elephant!
At Blue Elephant we transport the art of linguistics to another level altogether. We can read and write almost every language known till date â even Divehi*. Our translators and interpreters are also subject matter professionals, so we have ample leeway to mix and match the right person to meet your precise professional requirements. Hop on and enjoy a wordy tryst on the Blue Elephant band wagon. "
*Divehi â Also known as Maldivian, is spoken by around 350 thousand people in the Republic of Maldives and is the native tongue of the Divehis who live in erstwhile Maldive Islands.

Blue Elephant â Evolution

Established in 2005, the Blue Elephant has steadfastly evolved as a versatile propagator of linguistic services, forever remaining true to its name. Communication being the cornerstone of business, we realized the urgency for expert translation services considering that inter-cultural and intercontinental relationships in commerce are more popular than ever before. The Blue Elephant team is extremely passionate about language and each one of us has expertise in various technical and managerial capacities.

Our services are cost effective with extremely quick turnaround times. From French to German, Spanish and vernaculars, our language database spans far and wide to include languages as rare as Andamanese and Divehi adding to our linguistic proficiency. To add to this unique repertoire are cutting edge technology and processes that we employ to deliver our goods. The road ahead looks exciting and we have miles to go before we sleep.

The Blue Elephant Dictionary (Services)

The Blue Elephant lives to serve. Our dictionary comprises of a gamut of services that are well chalked out and subject to revision based on your personal or business needs. Specialization is the key though. Be it in the operation theatre, an assembly line, a boardroom, the stock exchange or a software company the Blue Elephant can maneuver all these areas and more with ease. Specialist knowledge in an assortment of industries combined with multilingual prowess make The Blue Elephant a formidable force giving stiff competition to the ingenious Book Worm.

The Blue Elephantâs Services

Translation                                                                                          Interpretation

Localization                                                                       Simultaneous Interpretation
         Documentation                                                                       Consecutive Interpretation
         Official                    Documents                                                   Chucotage and Whispering
                   Marketing                    Brochures                                                   Interpretation of Religious          
                   Letters                                                                                           discourses
                   Legal                    Documents                                                   Telephonic Interpretations
                   User                    Manuals                    
                   Training                    Manuals, etc.
         Audiovisual          Translation and Transcription
Multilingual          Research
         Bi lingual                    placements
                   Customized                    corporate Training
                   Technical                    writing
                   Desktop                    Publishing and Designing
                   Multi                    lingual Voice Over                    

The Blue Elephantâs Expertise





Financial and Legal

Information Technology

Clinical Research





The Blue Elephant â Classroom (learn a language)

Remember A for Apple B for Bell? Well The Blue Elephant classroom will be something on the same lines, except the languages are aplenty and the analogies are a lot more fun and, may we say advanced. Our language learning sessions are exciting and interactive taking the tedium out of learning. Fluency in a language is not only about grasping words and grammar; it is also about understanding the cultural connotations and colloquial usage. This is why a major chunk of Blue Elephantâs teaching methodology is communicative rather than mere text book rote. More importantly, all our courses come with certification and accreditation to add to your professional portfolio.

The Blue Elephant â Potpourri (everything else)

Linguists thrive on interaction. Communication with our fellow human beings is like soul nourishment for us. Weâve ensured that our contact with the world occurs through every medium. The Blue Elephant blog is full of interesting articles, opinions, shout outs and what not; ranging from topics on language, culture, people and the works. It is also a forum for fervent interaction with the outside world. This is your opportunity to contribute to our already rich inventory of articles, information and opinions.

The Blue Elephant â Band Wagon (Careers)
Who is eligible for a ride on our Blue Elephant Band Wagon?
Since 2005, The Blue Elephant has been the center for rendering top notch translation and interpretation services. Our clients are high end professionals and are uncompromising on quality and integrity. Therefore, we work with translators and interpreters who are committed and are experts in their respective industries. We intend to be market leaders in the translation business, and in order to do so our employees need to have an exceptional dedication to excellence.
If you are passionate about linguistics; have experience in translation or interpretation; or want to teach a language; you are the ideal candidate for The Blue Elephant. Also, it is imperative to be proficient in an industry of relevance.

The Blue Elephant â Riders (Clientele)

The Blue Elephant â Trunk Call (Contact Us)

The Blue Elephant maneuvers through all the networking sites with ease. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

If you or your company is in need of professional translators or interpreters; if you want to learn a language; or if you simply want to know more about the business do get in touch with us by filling the form below, emailing us, or calling us on any of the numbers mentioned below.

The Blue Elephant is always on an expansion spree. So if you want to be a channel partner and collaborate with us on our business, do get in touch and we will be more than pleased to take it forward.

The Blue Elephant is forever ready to serve you!

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