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Television has been around for over a sixty years. In this extensive period of time the television was never as increasingly popular as it is now. Almost every household in the United States possesses a minimum of one TV. People have commenced to frivol away hours of their lives merely for the purpose of a fabricated form of entertainment. As a result, experts have began to raise many questions about the unhealthy effects of watching television. Television is one of the numerous causes to a number of major complications in today society. One such problem is violence. Another problem with ties to television is obesity. Lastly, extensive hours of television has been linked to depression in many people. Television is an overused form of entertainment that's use must be reduced.

Violence is almost everywhere in our society. It is one of the many issues that must be discontinued. To solve any issue society must take the problem from its roots. One of the numerous roots of violence is television. Many humans become obsessed with television. They desire to become like the people they adore on television. Unfortunately this involves committing the same disgraceful acts of violence the actors act out. As a result, Many otherwise fairly normal people become violent murderers and crime doers. Clearly violence is a big problem, but it is most definitely not the only one.

Obesity is another large problem caused by television. People spend a countless amount of hours in front of TV sets. As a result, the amount of time spent exercising and playing physical games is reduced tremendously. This results in no loss of fat and calories from the human body. This causes one to become exceedingly unfit. America has one of the largest number of nationally owned TV sets in the world. As a result it also has one of the largest obesity rates. TV is one of the causes of these rates. But there is one more large problem caused by TV.

Depression is very widespread in our society today. It causes many people to become suicidal and others to die earlier than they would have had they lived a healthy lifestyle. TV is a detrimental cause to depression cases world wide. Sitting in front of a television set steals from the amount of time spent with other people and in turn reduces social awareness. This develops depression in may people as they do not accomplish anything in their day other than watching TV.

Television Is cause to many horrible problems in our society. It causes depression, obesity, and violence. A reduction in television viewing time would be crucial to bring down the crime and depression rates in our society. In conclusion, television is a health degrading problem that must be brought to a screeching stop.

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