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A young childs mother dies. His grandparents help
         Once upon a time, a young boy of seven years, lost his mother. He saw her sick and then she was gone. He was young enough to not quite understand just what it meant, but in the weeks that followed, and his mother did not come home,and then the Memorial at the church for his mom, showed him just what it meant to lose a loved one, especially your mother.

         He and his mother lived with his grandparents, and he could not remember when he did not know them. They were always there. His mother was their daughter. His grandparents told him never to worry as they would always be there for him.

Every day, week, month and year would go by, yet they were still there. As he grew older, they helped him with his homework, then had tutor come in to help. His grandfather and sometimes his grandmother would watch him play soccer, basketball then baseball. His grandfather would even help being a referee and anything else the team needed him for.

When he went to middle school, his grandmother and grandfather were there. Now he is almost thirteen-years of age. He is so excited because his grandfather and grandmother said they wanted to adopt him. He has met a whole bunch of different people who are involved in this adoption. There was a social worker, an attorney and an attorney who was appointed just for him. He liked everyone of them.

Now is the good news, he once was a grandson, this month he will be a son. You just couldn't ask for anything better than that!
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