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A Short Story About A Shaman Needing opinions Plz
A breeze whispered softly, as the ebony storm clouds began to peak over the tree's. The night began to turn cold, and the anticipated storm only made the air cooler. For Laura Kramer this night felt so refreshing, with the cool air blowing lethargically through her hair. The thunder began to roll and Laura looked up at the clouded night. Laura lived just outside of Kindlers Village in a remote log cabin, located in Ma'na ki ki forest. Laura's family had lived here since the village had been settled almost 20 years ago.
The Village had been founded in 1622 by a man named Weston. The village itself is settled near a harbor on the sea, but stretches for 5 miles westward and 4 miles to the south. The main part of the village is settled around the puritan church and branches off into several other small shops, hotels, and streets. It was a simple place, but it was a very pleasant place to live, or at least Laura though so.
As she gazed longingly up at the sky the smallest rain drop plopped square on her nose, then without warning the clouds broke and the rain poured down like the river's natural current. Quickly Laura turned from the porch and walked into her home. She lived in a planked log home, which consisted of one kitchen/dining area and two bedrooms, and an outhouse outside. It wasn't much but she loved it, she was always into life's simple things, extravagance wasn't her style. Laura's 5'4' frame was soaked head to toe from the clouds sudden outburst. Her dark brown hair, which use to be pinned back in a bun, was weighed down and dripping rain water all over the rug. Laura's white dressed clung to her skin like it was part of it the brown vertical pin stripes standing out and making her seem slimmer than what she already was.
"Shew," Laura mumbled to herself as she rung out her hair over her wash vanity. The rain had no mercy as it mercifully beat the wooden cabin roof. Laura went hastily to her room and pulled out a large metal washtub, stripped off her clothes and threw them inside it. Finding a white night gown she dressed and grabbed a towel for her hair, and began to pat it dry. "This weather I swear it really gets to me sometimes." She uttered thinking about how replenished she felt as the first rain drops had dripped down upon her head.
Laura had always enjoyed the weather and outdoors ever since she was a child. It was as if she was in tune with nature she always had a new feeling when the weather changed. She couldn't explain the feeling but it just always felt right to be outside, even with animals her feelings were the same. Quickly she blew out her lantern and went to her oak log bed and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
The sun crept lazily through the sheer curtains of the cabin, a rooster crowed loudly, and the warmth of a new day spread over the and slowly. The church bells began to ring, which stirred her from her slumber. Silently Laura sat up and stretched, yawned, and plopped her feet off of her bed. “Another day.” She thought as she reached for her blue cotton dress hanging out of her dresser.
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