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A flash fiction I wrote a while back. Please tell me what you think about it! Thanks :)
         The wind whipped her hair behind her as crystal tears froze on her face. Her knee ached as she pushed herself harder, faster, longer than usual. Her heart was pounding with desire to get away from it all, but she was confined to the bottom half of her driveway. She threw her shoulder to the left to turn around and slammed her right heel down to brake, but there was nothing there. Cursing as her arm slammed against the ground, she crawled over to the cherry tree and leaned back against the trunk, trying to catch her breath.
         She restrapped her wrist guards as she shakily stood up. Carefully stepping back out to the driveway, she turned her music back up and started again. She sprinted through the straight sections, performing rapid yet controlled spins to turn around. By the last rays of sunlight, her dad walked down to tell her to come inside. For once, she didn't argue. The frozen tears were gone, and so was half the feeling in her body. Her mind was numb.
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