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by Brammy
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Young Adult · #2043425
Robbie and his friends go on vacation
         It's 1:15AM Saturday Night or Sunday morning - depending on your point of view. The dance floor at Club Cosmic is packed. Robbie stands in the DJ booth dressed in baggy blue jeans, a red Club Cosmic T-Shirt, and work boots. A Yankees hat at a slight angle covers his bleached blonde hair. The crowd is dancing to Gangnam Style by Psy. As the song winds down he picks up the microphone and switches it on.

"That one is still going viral. Now here comes an awesome throwback joint."

         He clicks play on the laptop and You Spin Me Round (like a record) by Dead or Alive begins playing. He switches off the microphone and Ryan comes up to the DJ booth.

"Robbie, I've got a request for Daft Punk
"Alright, Ryan."

         Ryan sits on the stool in the back of the DJ booth. He wears a white Yankees T-shirt, sneakers, and blue denim shorts. Robbie begins typing on the laptop to find the song and sets it to play next.

"Are you alright, Ryan?"
"Yeah, it's all good."
"I heard about the incident with the bag of chicken wings."
"He's a fucking punk, but of course they won't fire him because he's Wendy Swanson's second cousin twice removed or some shit like that."
"That figures."

         You Spin Me Round begins winding down and Get Lucky by Daft Punk begins playing.

"You and Kyle come by around Nine tomorrow morning and we'll leave about quarter after."

         Robbie types on the laptop. When Get Lucky ends Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke begins playing. He leaves the DJ booth and goes out to the patio. Despite it being the end of August there is a chill in the air. No one is out there, so he grabs a broom and quickly sweeps up the cigarette butts and grabs four empty beer bottles. He carries them to the bar and gives them to Kandi the bartender. One more Time by Daft Punk is now playing. The overhead lights are on.

"Thanks, Robbie," said Kandi.
"No problem, Kandi. Have a good night."

         Robbie goes into the Men's room and washes his hands. He studies his reflection in the mirror for a minute and heads back up to the DJ booth.

"You going to Denny's after this?" asked Ryan.
"Definitely not. See you later on."
"Alright, Robbie."

         Robbie leaves the DJ booth and walks towards the exit as the song finished playing. Ryan shuts off the equipment and leaves the DJ booth. He follows Robbie outside. Robbie gets into his GMC Terrain, while Ryan gets into his Honda Civic. Robbie fastens his seat belt, starts the SUV, and makes a left onto Wolcott Road.

         Robbie pulls into the nearly deserted parking lot of The Marketplace Supermarket and parks near the entrance. It's a quarter after two. Normally he wouldn't be at the store so late, but he had the week off and needed to make sure certain things got done. He gets out of the SUV and walks into the store, where a cashier - Lorraine is refilling candy att the register. She's an attractive thirty-something year old with a curvy figure and shoulder length hair that was dyed a color that could only be described as Smurf Blue.

"Hi Lorraine."
"Hey Robbie."

          Robbie unlocked the door to his office and went inside. He sits at his desk and leaves a note for Lisa Loveland to conduct interviews for two new Cart Pushers because both Bill and Dustin quit.

"Lorraine, don't go too far. I'm going to need you to ring up a couple items for me."
"Sure thing, Robbie."

          Robbie walked down the frozen food aisle and picked up a package of Farm Rich Mozzarella sticks and a package of Farm Rich Breaded Mushrooms. Back up front he grabbed two one liter bottles of Mountain Dew. Lorraine rings him up.

"With your employee discount your total is $8.05," said Lorraine as she bagged Robbie's food.

         Robbie took out his wallet, swiped his debit card, and entered his pin number. Lorraine hands Robbie his receipt and bag.

"Have a good night Robbie, enjoy your time off."
"Good night, Lorraine."

          Robbie walked out of the store. His friend and coworker Roland leans against his blue Dodge Caliber, which is backed into the space next to Robbie's SUV. Roland wears blue jeans, a pair of brown leather moccasins, and an unbuttoned green plaid shirt.

"Robbie, what up?" He sounded drunk.
"Just picked up a couple snacks."
"Kyle and I were at Larry's apartment watching movies and drinking beer. I was driving home and realized I'm too buzzed to be driving, so I pulled in here and spotted your SUV. I hoped to catch a ride with you."
"You can stay at my house. "
"Thank-you Robbie."
"Are you packed for our trip?"
"The suitcase is in the trunk of my car."

         Robbie opens the passenger door to the SUV and put his bag on the floor. Roland gives Robbie his key fob and gets into the SUV. Robbie pops Roland's trunk and takes out a small suitcase. He closes the trunk and puts the suitcase in the back of the SUV. Robbie gets in the driver's seat, fastens his seat belt, starts the SUV, and backs out of the parking space. They begin the drive to Robbie's house.

"With that shirt open all the ladies are gonna be after your sexy body," said Robbie in a teasing voice. He reached over and playfully jiggled one of Roland's man boobs.
"Thanks for inviting me to go on vacation with you guys."

          At his house Robbie carried his bag of groceries into the kitchen and gave Roland a bottle of Mountain Dew. He sat at the kitchen table. Robbie turned the oven to 450 and took out a baking sheet. He puts some of the mozzarella sticks and mushrooms on it and puts it in the oven. The two friends walked into the Family Room. Roland sat on the couch. Robbie sat on the recliner and took off his boots, hat, and socks.

"How was the club?" asked Roland as he took a few sips of soda.
"It was all right until the cook threw a bag a frozen chicken wings at Ryan."
"What?" replied Roland. He was trying not to laugh.
"Someone wanted chicken wings and the cook told him that he was out. They complained to Wendy, so she sent Ryan to the freezer to get a bag of wings. He brought them to the cook and he threw the bag at Ryan.

          Robbie went back to the kitchen, put on an oven mitt and took the snacks out of the oven. He took two plates out of the cupboard and divided the snacks evenly between them. He carried them out to the family room and put one on the coffee table in front of Roland. He took his own plate and sat down on the recliner and reclined. Roland shoved three mushrooms in his mouth.

"These are my favorite," he said with his mouth full.
"They're buy one, get one free this week."
"I like to dip the mushrooms in ranch dressing. Do you have any?"
"Check the fridge downstairs."

          While Roland went downstairs, Robbie took off his T-shirt, revealing a white wife beater. He turns on the TV and tunes to a Golden Girls rerun. He ate his snack while watching TV. The episode was nearly over when he realized Roland hadn't come back upstairs.

"Roland, are you all right?" Robbie called.

There was no answer.

"Roland? Where are you?" he called again.

         There still wasn't an answer. Robbie walked downstairs, where he found Roland asleep on the couch. Back upstairs he brought the two plates into the kitchen. He puts his plate in the sink and Roland's plate of food into the fridge. He walks down the hall to his bedroom. He pulls off his jeans and climbs into bed and falls asleep. Several hours later he awoke suddenly. He glances at watch and it reads 8:45!. He puts his jeans back on and runs down the hall and down the stairs where Roland is still asleep.

"Roland, wake up!"
"It's 8:45! Ryan and Kyle are going to be here in fifteen minutes!"
"Take a shower in the guest bathroom."
"My clothes are outside in my suitcase."
"I'll get them for you."

          They both walk upstairs. Robbie walked outside. The sun was shining, but it was still cool out. He walked over to the SUV and took out Roland's suitcase. Ryan and Kyle pulled into the driveway in their Honda Civic. They get out.

"Sorry we're not ready. I overslept. Roland is here and he's taking a shower. Then I gotta shower and get dressed. We can be on the road by a quarter to ten."
"Not a problem, Robbie."

          The three friends go inside. Ryan and Kyle sat down on the couch in the family room. Robbie carried the suitcase to the guest bathroom. The shower was still running. Robbie knocked on the door and said loudly "Roland, your suitcase is outside the door!" He walked back to the family room.

"Where's Roland's car?" asked Kyle.
"He met me at the store around two-thirty. He said the two of you were at Larry's."
"Yeah, we were watching movies and drinking beer. What were you doing at work at two-thirty in the morning?"
"I was a hungry after I got out of The Club and I picked up some snacks. Roland was waiting for me when I came out of the store. How much did he have to drink?"
"He split a twenty-four pack of beer with Larry."
"Shit. I'm surprised he made it to the store without crashing his car. Drunk driving isn't cool."

         At that moment Roland came down the hall to the family room carrying his suit case. He had on a pair of white denim shorts, white socks, grey sneakers, and a sleeveless blue t-shirt. Robbie walked down the hall to his bedroom.

"Ryan, did the cook at the club really throw a bag of chicken wings at you?" asked Roland.
"Yeah. Luckily he missed me."

         Fifteen minutes later Robbie came down the hall carrying his suitcase. He was wearing blue jeans, a New York Yankees T-Shirt, a gold necklace, and socks. His bleached blonde hair was spiked.

"Ready to go guys?" asked Robbie.
"Yeah. Let's get the show on the road!" exclaimed Kyle.

          Robbie put on his work boots and the four friends went outside. He and Roland loaded everyone's luggage into the back of the SUV. Roland sits in the front passenger seat. Ryan and Kyle sit in the back seat. Robbie started the SUV, backed out of the driveway and they took off down Pleasant Street.

"Where are we going for our vacation?" asked Ryan.
"Dorney Amusement Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We'll stay in that area tonight and tomorrow we're going to the Yankees-Orioles game at Camden Yards," said Robbie.
"That's awesome," said Roland.

          They continued driving down Pleasant Street and made a left onto Loper Street. At the bottom of the hill the light was red. They made a right onto Queen Street travel a short distance and make a left into the Sunoco gas station. Robbie gets out of the SUV, takes his wallet out of his pocket, pulls out a credit card, and began pumping gas. He gets back into the SUV and takes his GPS out of the glove compartment. He plugs it in and programmed it. He puts on his sunglasses, turns left onto Queen Street and takes a left onto I-84 West. He turned the radio onto the hip-hop station and cranked up the volume. Traffic wasn't too heavy for a Sunday. It wasn't until they were almost in Danbury that they hit bumper to bumper traffic. It was almost eleven. Robbie switched the radio to the local Danbury radio station AM 800.

"Breaking News into the AM 800 News Room. Traffic on I-84 West is backed up for miles as a result of an SUV that flipped over near the Exit 3 off-ramp. Exit 3 is currently closed and motorists are advised to seek an alternate route. No word yet as to whether or not there were any injuries." said the radio announcer.

         They slowly made their way to Exit 4. At the end of the off ramp they turned onto Lake Avenue and followed the signs to get back on I-84. As they drove following the GPS's directions they hit bumper to bumper traffic as they neared New York City.

"No matter what time of day you go near New York City you always hit bumper to bumper traffic," said Robbie.
"That's why last time I went to the city I took the train," said Roland.

         It was just after 2 O'clock when Robbie pulled into the parking lot of Dorney Amusement Park. He paid the parking fee and pulled into a parking space next to a beat up van. He unplugs the GPS and puts it into the glove compartment. Everyone exits the vehicle and heads for the gate. The line to get in the park was short.

         The four friends walk trough the park. It's not too crowed. Robbie, Ryan, and Kyle get in line at the Thunder Hawk roller coaster. Roland stands away from the line.

"Come on, Roland. We're riding this roller coaster," said Ryan.
"I'm scared of roller coasters," replied Roland.
"Since when?"
"Since I watched Final Destination 3."
"Seriously? Come on bro. While the Final Destination series was a good series of horror movies a lot of what happened was so far fetched."
"I'll catch up with you guys when you get off."

         Roland walks away from the roller coaster.

"What's with Roland?" asks Robbie.
"He's scared of roller coasters ever since watching Final Destination 3."
"That movie came out years ago."
"Apparently he never saw it until it was on TV last week."
"There's not much that scares me and I don't let shit bother me. I never have really."

         Soon the three of them make it to the front of the line. They will be the first to board the coaster during the next ride. Soon it's their turn. Robbie and Ryan sit in the front seat. Kyle sits by himself in the middle. They have a fun and enjoyable time riding the coaster. When they get off the ride they walk through the park and spot Roland walking away from the antique carousel. He's eating Crab Fries from Chickie's and Pete's.

"Roland, did you go on any rides or did you just stuff your face?" asks Ryan.
"I rode the antique carousel. Did you ride anything besides the roller coaster?"
"Not yet."
"You want a crab fry?"
"What the hell is a crab fry?"
"They are these spicy French Fries from Chickie's and Pete's."
"Sounds gross."
"Says the guy who likes garlic Parmesan fries."

         The friends started walking towards the Ferris wheel. They get into the short line. Then they get into a gondola. After the ride attendant made sure everyone was secured the ride started. The view of the park from the top of the Ferris wheel was spectacular. They finished the ride and got off.

"What's next Robbie?" asked Kyle.
"I don't know. I wanna go on another ride, but I also want to get something to eat. I haven't eaten anything since around three thirty this morning."
"Food is good too. I hate to sound like a little kid, but I'm craving an ice cream cone."
"Ice cream does sound good."

         Kyle and Robbie get in line at the ice cream stand. Robbie gets a giant waffle cone filled with chocolate ice cream. Kyle gets one filled with strawberry. They walk around the park eating their cones and spot Roland and Ryan sitting on a bench. Robbie and Kyle walk over to them.

"I want to ride on the Sea Dragon," said Roland. "It reminds me of the pirate ship ride at Lake Compounce back home," said Roland.
"Yeah. I enjoy that ride at Compounce too," said Robbie. "Let's go get in line."

         After riding the Sea Dragon, the guys rode three other rides. Then Ryan and Kyle rode the Thunder Hawk coaster together, while Robbie stayed with Roland. Then they decided to leave. Back in the parking lot the van that had been parked next to Robbie's GMC Terrain had been replaced with a Saturn Sky sports car.

"Look at the little sports car." said Roland. "I doubt I'd be able to fit in it."
"Yeah. For a sports car I like my Camaro better than that little thing." said Robbie.

         The friends get into the SUV and fasten their seat belts Robbie starts the SUV and programs the GPS for the Golden Corral. He pulls out of the parking lot and follows the GPS directions to the restaurant.

"I see this place advertised all the time and I've wanted to try it. We don't have one in Connecticut and I haven't had a reason to go to Springfield, Mass," said Robbie.
"I've wanted to try it too, bro," said Ryan. "Springfield is too far to go for lunch or dinner."

          The four friends walk into the restaurant where there are three people ahead of them. Robbie paid for everyone and they found a table. Ryan and Kyle went up to get food. Robbie and Roland remained seated across from each other. When Ryan and Kyle returned to the table with their food Robbie and Roland went up. Robbie came back first. He had a plate full of Bourbon Street chicken, mac and cheese, and asparagus. He sits down.

"Robbie, you'll love the Bourbon Street Chicken," said Ryan.
"I hope so. I had it once at Hometown Buffet and it was very bland." He takes a bite."Wow! The Bourbon Street Chicken is straight up the best!"
"Told you, bro."

         Roland came back to the table. His plate was filled with a huge mound of mashed potatoes and 2 huge slices of meatloaf on top. He sits down and begins eating.

"Good meatloaf," said Roland. "But the mashed potatoes are like glue." He continued eating the meatloaf.

         The friends continued eating for a while. When they leave Robbie programs the GPS to take them to the hotel. He pulls out of the parking lot and followed the directions to the Best Western in Bethlehem. It was a twenty minute drive. Robbie parks the SUV. and everyone walked into the hotel. Robbie walked over to the Front Desk. There was a middle age woman with dark red hair behind the desk. Her name tag read Donna Kelley.

"Welcome to the Best Western Lehigh Valley Conference Center," she said.
"We're checking in.The last name is Mullens. M-u-l-l-e-n-s," said Robbie.

         Donna typed some things into the computer.

"You're in rooms 304 and 306 on the third floor. Please sign this and put the make and model of you vehicle on this form," said Donna.

         Robbie signed the paper and gave it back to Donna. She handed him two key cards.

"There's a $250 fee for smoking in your room."
"Thanks, but we don't smoke."

          Everyone walked up to the third floor. They walk down the hallway and Robbie unlocked the door to room 304. It was a decent sized room with two beds, a desk, a TV, a chair, and a dresser.

"What's next? It's only after six. Too early to go to sleep," said Ryan.
"You guys can do what you want," said Robbie. "I think I'm just gonna stay in the room and watch TV."

"Kyle, help me bring up the luggage," said Ryan.

         Robbie handed Ryan the key fob for the SUV. He and Kyle leave the room Roland sits in the chair that's in the corner of the room. Robbie sits on one of the beds. He turns on the clock radio and the Country station came on.

"The radio dial here in the Lehigh Valley sucks. No hip-hop station. No Oldies station. The closest thing to Oldies is 99.9 FM which musically sounds similar to The River back home," said Robbie.
"You can leave this station on. I don't mind Country music," said Roland.

         Ryan and Kyle returned to the room carrying the luggage. Ryan gives Robbie his key fob back.

"Kyle and I are going down to the pool."
"I think Roland and I are going to take a drive," said Robbie.

         Ryan opened up the suitcase he and Kyle shared. He took out 2 pairs of swim trunks. They went into the bathroom and changed. Ryan wears blue swim trunks. Kyle wears red swim trunks. They leave the room.

"Roland, do you want to go for a dride?"

         Robbie and Roland leave the room and head downstairs. They walk through the lobby and out to the parking lot. They get into the SUV. Robbie starts it and programs the GPS for the Bethlehem Walmart. He backs out of the parking space and takes off out of the parking lot. Ten minutes later they were pulling into the parking lot of the plaza where Walmart was located. Robbie parked the SUV away from the other cars in the parking lot.

"Want to smoke?" asked Robbie.
"I'm good Robbie."

         Robbie opened the center console and took out a plastic baggie of weed and his bowl. He pours the weed into the bowl. He lights it and takes a hit. He coughs a couple of times. He takes a second hit and coughs again.

"Looks like this is a popular shopping center," said Roland. "There's a Giant Supermarket, TJ Maxx, Goodwill, a pizza place, and a Home Depot in addition to the Walmart.
"Yeah. I want to take a look inside Giant," said Robbie as he takes a third hit. He coughs a couple more times. He takes a fourth and final hit. He coughs again and put the bowl in the center console.

         The two friends get out of the SUV and walk across the parking lot to the Giant Supermarket. A male employee with brown hair that reached the collar of the purple button down Giant Supermarket shirt he was wearing is unloading baskets from a shopping cart near the entrance as Robbie and Roland walk in. He looks up.

"Robbie Mullens?" asks the employee.
"That's me," responds Robbie.
"It's Adam Dutkiewicz," said Adam "Remember from high school and Shaw's in Bristol?"
"Of course I remember you, Adam; even with the long hair. How can I forget one of my friends? I didn't expect to see you working at a supermarket in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. How the hell are you, bro?"
"Good, my dude. What brings you here?"
"Some friends and I went to Dorney Park today. We're staying at The Best Western and tomorrow we're going to see the Yankees take on the Orioles."
"Nice. Where are you working now?"
"The Marketplace Supermarket in New Britain. Greg Peterson is the store manager."
"After Shaw's in Glastonbury closed, I took a transfer to an Acme Supermarket location, which has since closed. Rather than take another transfer I went to work for Genuardi's in King of Prussia. The parent company of Genuardi's closed all their stores, but sold some including the one in KOP to Giant and six months ago I transferred here."
"Roland and I are picking up some snacks. We're going to chill at the hotel later with our friends. Would you like to join us?"
"Sure. I'm getting out of work at seven."
"Do you want a ride the hotel?"
"All right. We'll sit on the bench at wait for you to get out when we're done shopping."

         Adam went back to doing his work. Robbie grabs a small shopping cart. Roland followed Robbie as he pushed the shopping cart down the main aisle. Robbie went down the soda aisle and grabbed four two liter bottles of Mountain Dew. He then locates the snack aisle and grabbed four bags of store brand ripple potato chips and four jars of spinach dip.

"Roland, are you all right? You seem quiet."
"I'm all right," he lied. He sounded tired.
"What else do we need besides soda, chips, and dip?"
"Plates, cups, and bowls."
"Any other snacks?"
"Nah. This should be enough for five people."

         Robbie walked to the end of the aisle. On the end cap was a display of Styrofoam plates and bowls and red solo cups.. Robbie put a package of each into the cart. Roland follows Robbie to the checkout. Robbie begins unloading his cart at the self checkout. Adam is monitoring the self checkout.

"Adam, can you hook me up with a store loyalty car?" Robbie asks.

         Adam comes over to the self checkout and scans the store loyalty car. Robbie begins scanning his groceries. Adam bags them for him. Robbie then swipes his debit card, paying for his order. He takes his receipt.

"Thanks, Adam."
"No problem, Robbie.

         Robbie pushes his cart through the checkout lane and puts his bags in the cart. He and Roland walk to the bench and sit down. A few minutes later Adam walked over to the bench. He had taken off his purple button down shirt and now wears a New York Giants T-shirt. They walk out of the store and cross the parking lot to Robbie's SUV. He pushes a button on the key fob to unlock the doors. Robbie puts the bags on the floor in the back. Everyone gets into the SUV. Robbie starts the SUV and they begin the drive back to the hotel.

"Adam, you never said why you transferred to Pennsylvania after the Glastonbury Shaw's closed."
"They gave me four options - Vermont, Maine, or Rhode Island with Shaw's or Pennsylvania with the ACME division."
"I don't blame you for picking Pennsylvania. Greg Peterson ended up in Bedford, New Hampshire after Southington closed. He hated it up there, but he wanted to stay in New England. After Bedford closed and Bristol closed we both decided to leave the company. We were both lucky to have ended up at the new store The Marketplace, which opened in the old New Britain Shaw's."
"What is that store?"
"It's an IGA store owned by two cousins."
"The New Britain Shaw's was huge. I've never seen an IGA that big."
"We do good business. Personally I think The Marketplace makes better use of the space than Shaw's did."

"What's your story, Roland?"
"I worked at KMART for a few years. A few months after I quit Robbie and Greg hired me at The Marketplace."
"I admire you for working at KMART for a few years. They're a horrible store."
"Yeah. In more ways than you know."

"It's been nice living out here the last few years, but I miss Connecticut. My family still lives there. I miss my friends too. I mean yeah I got friends here too, but it's not the same. I told my boss first full time CDH position that opens up in Connecticut I want it."
"Good luck, bro," said Robbie.

         Soon they were puling into the parking lot of the Best Western. Robbie parks and they get out. Adam carries Robbie's bags as they walk into the hotel. They walk up to Robbie's room. Robbie takes the key card out of his pocket, inserts it into the door and they go in. Roland sits down on one of the chairs. Adam sits on one bed and Robbie on the other bed.

"Are you and Kayla still together, Robbie?" asks Adam.
"Unfortunately she passed away several years ago."
"Oh my gosh, Robbie! I'm so sorry."
"Kayla and her younger sister were killed in a traffic accident. She's was pregnant with our son."
"I wish I had known Robbie. I don't know why I don't have you on Facebook. At that point I was out in KOP, but I'm sure I could've come home for a few days."
"I haven't dated much since then. I don't know if you're seeing someone or not, but if you're looking for someone do not go out with a girl you meet at a club. Trust me."
"What happened?"
"Back in May I went out with this girl I met at Club Cosmic and we went to this chicken place on Allen Street in New Britain near CCSU called Chicken Lickin'. She claimed she didn't know her ex worked there. Well, turns out he wasn't her ex - they were still together and he dumped a bowl of coleslaw over my head."
"What the fuck? Who does that?"
"I know right? Doesn't matter anyway. I got the last laugh. Chicken Lickin' closed on July 1st."
"What about you? You were always popular with the ladies."
"I'm single and have been for years."

         There was a knock at the door. Roland gets up and lets Ryan and Kyle in. They sit down on the floor.

"Kyle, Ryan, this is Adam Dutkiewicz. Adam, this is Kyle and Ryan Burton. They also work with me at The Marketplace," said Robbie.
"Nice to meet you," said Ryan. He gets up and shakes hands with Adam.
"Same here.I graduated high school with Robbie and Greg. We all worked together at Shaw's in Bristol."
"Kyle and I worked at the New Britain Shaw's and after they closed we got transferred to the Berlin Turnpike store."
"Now I'm Assistant CDH at Giant Supermarket here in Bethlehem."

         Robbie takes a bottle of soda out of the bags and the package of cups out of another. He pours himself of a cup of soda. He grabs his soda and sits on the bed and takes a sip. He takes out his phone and opens up the Facebook app.

"Hey guys, you want to watch the Yankees game?" asked Roland.
"Yeah, sure," said Robbie

         Roland turned the TV to ESPN. The game was just getting underway. Ryan and Kyle got off the floor. Kyle sat on the bed with Roland. Ryan sat on the other chair. Robbie takes out two bags of chips. He pours them into bowls for everyone. They spent the next four and a half hours watching the game. The Yankees defeated The Orioles 8-6 in twelve innings.

"This was a good night," said Robbie.
"It sure was," said Ryan.
"I'm going to bring Adam back to Giant."
"Okay Robbie."

         Robbie and Adam leave the room and walk down to the lobby. They walk across to the parking lot and get into the SUV. Robbie takes a baggie of weed, his bowl, and lighter out of the center console. He pours the weed into the bowl and lights it. He takes a hit and coughs.

"You want a hit, Adam?"

         Robbie passed the bowl to Adam. He takes a hit and coughs. The he takes a second hit and coughs again. He passes the bowl back to Robbie. He takes a second hit and coughs again. He then takes a third hit and coughs again. He passes it back to Adam, who takes a third hit and coughs. He passed it back to Robbie who takes a fourth and final hit. He coughs and then puts the bowl away. He starts the SUV and pulls out of the parking lot and heads for Giant Supermarket.

"It was really nice seeing you, Robbie."
"Same here Adam. I hope to see you again."

         Ten minutes later Robbie pulled into the parking lot of Giant Supermarket. He pulls up in front of the store. He and Adam fist bump. Adam gets out of the SUV and walks across the parking lot to his Hyundai Veloster. Robbie takes off and honks the horn as he pulls out of the parking lot. He drives back to the motel. He goes into his room where Roland is asleep on the bed closest to the door. Robbie sits on his own bed and takes of his boots and jeans. He lays down and soon falls asleep..

         The following day the guys leave the hotel at 7:45AM. Including a stop for lunch they got to Camden Yard for the Yankees game against the Orioles at Noon. They Yankees won the game 5-2. They got back to Southington at 11PM.

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