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Ode to my Mom.
I tell you "Thanks"
So often since you've gone.
The things you taught
Are how I live life,
And I should have realized
that all along.

Thank you for the way
You took care of our pets.
Now as an adult
I realize the cost of food and vets.

After I take a shower
I always grab the squeegee.
I wipe the dampness off the walls
And know they don't need other
regular cleaning.

When my back really hurts
And I forgot to fill my meds,
I say "Thank you Mom,"
For leaving me your unused meds.

When I feel alone,
All quiet in the house,
I say, "Thank you Mom,"
For freeing me
From a lousy spouse.

And I think how
You liked to wear your hair,
swept up with combs
Like "I Love Lucy"would wear.
I smile at you all the while
Knowing your smile
Is part of me;
I'll never forget you,
Your spirit is in me.
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