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An unfinished fictional piece based on a 4 word prompt "Evil isn't necessarily unkind".
         Darya: 7 years prior
As I walk through the long, empty hallway, it seems never ending. I know what’s waiting for me at the other end. I know what I have to do. My body’s shaking, but this isn’t the time to be nervous. This is the time to show Daddy that I’m not a disappointment. That I can “slice ‘em and dice ‘em” just like he does. Without leaving a trace. Not a drop of blood. Not an inch of flesh. It all has to be gone.
         Darya: current day
I’m certain this hallway’s getting longer. Walking back and forth, day after day. It’s so unbearably tedious. I do the same thing, see the same walls, the same people. Every. Single. Day. I really do hate school. Science: boring. Maths: irrelevant. English: full of idiots. I don’t see why I’m being forced to listen to these shallow, self-centered animals, day in, day out. But I guess it does come with an advantage. I can find a new canvas for my next masterpiece. The one at work’s getting a bit… how should I put it? Well, she no longer puts up a fight when I walk in to the room with my chosen "paintbrush". It's not exactly fun anymore. I'm thinking a boy this time. They're always much more of a challenge.
         Casper: current day
So, today has been just about the worst day in history. First, I slept through my alarm, so I missed my first two classes. Then, I find out I didn't get picked for the school football team. I failed my geography exam, forgot my books and lost my keys. Today just really couldn't get any worse. But why me? What could I have possibly done to deserve a day like this?
As I watch the clock ticking down the final minutes of my last class, I occupy my mind with the thought of playing League of Legends, in my warm cosy bed. 3... 2... 1... Yes! Finally, I throw my bag onto my back and set off home. As I walk the long, winding road back to my house, I realize that I was wrong. Because today can, and has, got worse. Rain pounds away at my body. Seeping into my clothes and embracing my cold, pale skin; soaking me through, from head to toe. When I finally get home I have a terrible realization. No one's home and I still don't have my keys. Great.

         Darya: 7 years prior
As I walk towards the table, I start to feel tense; every step bringing me closer to my first kill. The smell of death and decay never really leaves this room. It lingers. Waiting; crawling into your senses slowly, then all at once.
“Please, help me. Who are you? Who put you up to this? Please, just let me go home!” I ignore her cries. I can’t succumb to her plea. Daddy would be furious! Finally, I’m standing right next to her. Her cheeks are stained with tears, her eyes with terror and her body with blood. I’ve chosen a 9 inch blade, because today’s my 9th birthday, to finish her off. I’m so happy Daddy gave me this present, but I really can’t screw up now. I need to prove I can do it. As I lift my arm above my head, my ears block out the sounds of her final words. The higher I lift, the more it feels like I’m floating. I plunge the sharp object into her wounded body. Puncturing the skin, slowly severing everything in its path. I feel a huge sense of euphoria wave through my body. I’ve never felt so… so right. One final scream. Then silence. What a beautiful tragedy.
         Darya: current day
So, today’s the day. The one I dread every year. Mother’s deathday. She passed away 10 years ago. The big 1 0. Today fills me with so much pain, as it always does, but this year seems worse. I’ve never had to deal with the anniversary on my own before today. Father was always there for me. He’d walk me to her grave, the smell of freshly cut grass tickling my nose. We’d place beautiful white roses carefully around her gravestone and then he’d take me for a fresh kill. Nothing cheered me up better than taking all of the emotions, binding them into a blade and passing them onto someone else to burden during their last moments. It always managed to remind me to stay strong. To keep on killing for Mother. That I had to. I wanted to. But now… now I’m not so sure.
“How the hell does a girl that beautiful and that mysterious not have a boyfriend?”“Casper, why do you have to be so gay?”“Fuck off! I’m not gay.”“Alright alright, calm down. Just because she doesn’t know you exist, doesn’t mean you have to be a girl about it. Jheeze.”
Darren can be so patronizing sometimes. I know he’s my best friend, but sometimes it’s just not funny. I've liked this girl for years! Ever since the first time I met her, which must have been about 10 years ago, she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Yeah, she terrifies me. I thought she was a psychopath. But at the same time, I have an unexplainable love for her. I care about her more than she’ll ever know. And I bet she doesn’t even know my name.
         Casper: 10 years prior
Snow covers the ground, each gust of wind embedding it's frosty existence into my spine with it's arctic grip. As I walk through the empty park, something catches my eye. A girl that I recognize, maybe from school, sits alone under the wooden slide frame. I think she’s crying. A strange feeling sneaks into my system, telling me to leave. But I can’t. My legs start moving in her direction and before I can stop myself I’m stood right next to her. Her long, black hair drapes over her face, as if she’s hiding. She lets slip a sob and as I get a glimpse of her soft, pale face, I see tears running down her face.
“Go away.” A muffled voice whispers.
“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”
“Just leave me alone. You don’t care, so just leave,” I can hear the anger rising in her voice, every word more hate filled than the last.
“I do care. What’s the matter? Let me help you.”
“No! You don’t care. You never will. So just leave me the fuck alone, you creep”
In a blink she’s thrown her petite body towards me, flailing her arms around. Something in her hand glints in the muted sunlight. A knife. Before I realize what she’s holding, she manages to make a small cut in my left cheek, but the cold suppresses the pain. I turn my back and run as fast as my legs will carry me.

         Darya: current day
Why is that asshole staring at me? I’ve only really spoken to him once and that didn’t really end well for him. I cut him, but it was his fault. I told him to leave me alone. He was pretending to care, trying to interrogate me to spread the latest school gossip. Fuck him. If he’s not careful, I’ll show him what I’m really capable of.
I carry on walking, finding my way to my next class. As I glance at my watch, I see that I’m already late. But who cares, eh? The next thing I know some idiot has walked into me, forcing me to drop my lunch all over the floor.
“Fucking arsehole!” escapes from my mouth before I can see what moron has cost me my food. Oh, of course. It’s the same kid that was staring at me. Ugh, what is his problem?
“Oh shit, I… I’m… I’m really really s…sorry.” He just about manages to stammer out.
“Great. Well, thanks for that. Fucking arse.”
“Umm well, if you’d like, I could um maybe uh take you out for dinner or something to uh like clear the debt? Fuck, never mind. That’s a stupid idea. I’m really sorry.”
Well, maybe this isn’t all bad. He’s practically just giving himself to me for my next project. And he wants to pay for my dinner. I’m almost struggling to see the downside to this idea. By the time I’ve realised what advantage this would have, he’s already retreated half way down the hall.
He turns around in confusion.
“Yes. You can definitely pay me back, by taking me to that new Mexican place in town at around 7 tonight.”
An oddly charming grin spreads across his face, accentuating the dimples planted softly on his cheeks. I feel myself smiling back; I’d never realised just how attractive he actually is.

         Casper: current day
No way. No fucking way! I cannot believe she actually said yes. Holy fuck, I’m freaking out here. Right, first things first, what the hell am I going to wear? I frantically search every corner and crevice of my room, trying to find anything that doesn’t make me look like an idiot. Too dressed up. Too tacky. Too laid back. Too bright. Too feminine. I finally settle on a pair of black skinny jeans and a checked shirt, but I still feel like an idiot.
As I walk towards the restaurant, my heart beats faster and faster. Every step feels like a mile. I can feel the sweat soaking through my shirt. Oh my God, is this really happening? I arrive before she does, giving me time to over think and just as I decide she’s stood me up, I see her. She’s the epitome of beautiful. Her long black hair curled perfectly around her face, with deep black eye makeup allowing her bright blue eyes to stand out. A short, deep purple dress hangs off her shoulders, showing off her every curve. I’ve never seen her dress like this before, but she seems to do it so perfunctorily.

         Darya: current day
I walk into the restaurant and immediately spot him. His lean, muscular body just visible through his shirt. For a moment, I find myself lost for words. I don’t understand; I’ve never felt like this before and I’m not sure I like it. It’s so unnerving.
“Hey, I almost started to think you weren’t going to show” his deep cadence draws me in.
“Sorry, it took me a while find something other than jeans and baggy tops to wear.”
“It’s okay, don’t be sorry. You look beautiful, by the way.”
Is he joking? Like, is he mocking me or is he actually serious? No, he can’t be. There’s no way anyone could think that about me.
“Thanks, you look pretty damn good yourself.”
Stop it! Don’t let yourself get drawn in; you know what you’re here for. Win him over, take him to work, use his body for art, and then kill him. Nothing more, nothing less. Stay focused, Darya. Stay focused.
That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He’s actually funny and I was so surprised when he told me that he likes the same music as me. Casper’s always seemed so different to me, just like everyone else. But I’ve never been so wrong. We’re so alike, it’s strange. I’ve never met anyone like him before. I think I might have even enjoyed myself.

         Darya: 7 years prior
Oh my god, that was amazing! I’ve never felt such a big relief. Her scream still rings in my ears as I watch the blood run down the drain. Her body lays lifeless in the big, metal tub in the centre of the room. Her empty eyes stare off into a distant universe. I hear a footstep behind me and turn, ready to attack.
“Daddy!” My daddy walks over to me, picks me up and spins my tiny body in the air.
“You did it, baby girl.”
“I know, did you see? Did you see what I did, Daddy? Did you see how scared she was? It was so much fun!”
“I saw, baby girl. I’m so proud of you.” He places me back on the floor, leans down and kisses my cheek, the stubble on his chin scratching at my skin. “Now, why don’t we go to Daddy’s bedroom? You know, as a bit of a treat.”
“Um, well, I… I didn’t do that well. I don’t need a treat.”
“No. You need a treat from Daddy. Now, come with me and do as you’re told,” his voice gets harsher with every word.
As he grabs my arm and pulls me towards the door, I know there’s no hope this time. I think to myself: it’ll be okay, Darya. Just close your eyes and it’ll be over before you know it.

         Casper: current day
That was literally the best date ever. I still can’t even believe that she actually agreed to go out with me in the first place. As I begin to fantasize over last night’s date, I hear my phone speak its four-toned tune.
“Casper, turn your damn phone off. How many times do I need to say it?” Mr. Turner drones, turning back to the board and writing again. I slip my phone under my desk to see who’s texted me. It’s her. My phone reads “Hey, it’s Darya. I had a really great time last night, hope to see you again soon x” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is she being sarcastic or serious? And what does one kiss mean? Does that mean we’re friends, or more than friends, or did she even mean to send it? Oh my god, girls are so confusing. I sit in absolute silence for a good 10 minutes or so, arguing with myself and going around in circles in my head over what to reply. In the end I settle with “Hey, I had a really great time too. Maybe we could hang out at the weekend, if you’re not busy? x”

         Darya: current day
“Ohh, is that lover boy?” remarks Andria as my phone buzzes.
“Fuck off, I don’t like him.”
“Yes you do, don’t lie to me. You know I’m smarter than that.”
Ugh, I hate that. I know she’s my best friend, but she antagonizes me so much. The worst part is that I know she’s right. I had such a great time with him, but I don’t want to like him. I don’t want to like anyone. I can’t. It would never work. As I look up I see her with my phone in her hands, dramatically clearing her throat.
"Hey, I had a really great time too. Maybe we could hang out at the weekend, if you're not too busy? He put a kiss and everything. I knew it was him, you're so in there!" Andria remarks excitedly.
All of a sudden, all I can feel is rage. I try to suppress my anger, gritting my teeth so hard that the sound of bone grinding on bone resonates in my head.
"Give. That. Back."
"Or what? You'll send lover boy to come and help you?" She giggles.
I can't take it anymore. Her incessant giggling becoming progressively louder, until it sounds like screaming. I snap.
"I don't fucking like him, you fucking idiot! He's a joke, now give me my phone!" I scream, but the words don't reach my ears. Something catches my attention at the end of the hall and, as my eyes begin to focus, I see Casper beginning to walk away. What the hell have I done?
"You really are a bitch, aren't you?" Andria hasn't moved an inch, still in shock from what I said.
I storm off, darting out of the school gates and I head home. I can't stay here any longer. Who the hell does she think she is? She's ruined everything! When I get home I run straight down to the basement, ripping the door open and slamming it shut behind me. I scream until my lungs feel as if they're going to burst. Tears stream down my face as I fall to my knees, my head buried in my hands. It feels as if I'm drowning, every breath pulling me further into the abyss.
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