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How I felt not too long ago and still feel today...
Just a note…

This is how things are...

Just a note, to say how stupid things have become in the United States.

That after 41 years of continuously working, I now can't find or even hold a job for the last two years.

On how corporations, banks and even friends have turned a cold hand towards you.

After two years and over 1,200 resume submits, I only had 3 contacts

That I lost my house, even after pleading for help for a refi! (Obama's plan said I could reduce my mortgage by $40!)

That after 16 years of taking care of my wife, sending her to college for two degrees, she leaves and thinks I've done her wrong when I asked for her to help.

That our local government has doubled our taxes because they overspent (doesn't ANYONE see a problem with that!?)

That I can't walk down a street without some kid harassing me or afraid someone will shoot me because I'm not allowed to carry a weapon.

How greed has grown and is the only dominant factor driving our economy as "I'll get mine and screw the rest of ya"

There are bigger problems in the world, I'll admit - but the way things are heading here, we're no better off than any 3rd world country, we just have more glitter then they do.

All I hear in the wind nowadays is; "Let the corporal feast begin on the undead bodies of those we call, Americans"

An Update:

3 years, 2 months later I did get a job, even in the carrier field I had trained half my life for! It only took that long and 1,318 resume submittals. In the meantime I did odd jobs at times when I could find work.

My story unfortunately is not uncommon to many people, which is a sad state of affairs for our country...
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