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A sorority hazing involving BDSM props from a hardware store.
Hanna arrived at the Iota Pi sorority house. She turned off the engine and grabbed the hardware store bag off the passenger seat. She entered the house and was greeted by the executive board of the house. The president, Tina, took the bag from Hanna and rummaged inside.

“It’s all here,” she confirmed.

“Great job, Hanna,” Christina, the secretary stated. She took Hanna by the hand and led her down into the basement of the house. “There’s just one more test you have to pass and you’ll be an Iota Pi.”

The other three executive board members followed them down pulling the door of the basement closed. They guided Hanna to a set of steel posts, which supported the ceiling of the basement.

“Strip,” Tina ordered.

Hanna hesitated for a moment and then removed her white sundress to reveal a matching set of white cotton bra and panties. She removed the bra to expose a smooth, firm pair of breasts. Hooking, her thumbs into her panties, she slid them down to expose her smooth, hairless pussy, which was the result of an earlier hazing activity. She turned and wiggled her pert little ass as she lowered the panties to expose her smooth firm cheeks. The executive board of the sorority applauded and cat called.

The Treasurer, Linda, pulled the rope out of the hardware store bag. She wrapped the rope around Hanna’s torso in an intricate diamond pattern, which exposed her breasts, stomach, and crotch. She pulled the rope tight around Hanna’s breasts to force them into an upright position, causing her nipples to poke out. The Vice President, Missy, snapped frontal, rear, and profile pictures of Hanna.

“Kneel,” Tina ordered and pulled down on the rope harness Hanna wore. With Hanna on her knees, Tina lifted her own skirt to reveal her smooth pussy. She grabbed Hanna by the back of her head and shoved her face against her crotch. “Lick.”

Hanna obediently slid her wet tong over Tina smooth lips. Tina moaned as Hanna’s tongue slipped between her outer folds and flicked her clit.

“Suck it,” Tina ordered. She cried out as Hanna took long, hard pulls on her clit. “Now, fuck me with your tongue.”

Hanna obediently shoved her tongue as far as she could into Tina’s clenching, wet hole. She never would have guessed she would enjoy this, but Tina tasted pretty good. Just as Tina exploded on her face, she felt someone pull her away by the rope harness.

“My turn,” Missy growled. She buried Hanna’s face into a soaking wet, hairy pussy.
Hanna tongued Missy’s pussy until someone else pulled her away. Her face was shoved into Christina’s pussy, and then Linda’s. After Linda came, Tina and Missy pulled Hanna to her feet and pulled her back to the two support beams. They spread Hanna’s arms and legs and used the masking tape from the hardware store to secure her wrists and ankles to the support beams. They each cupped a swollen breast and suckled on the swollen red nipples. Hanna cried out as the squeezed her breasts and suckled her stiffened nipples. She screamed when they nipped the sensitive points between their teeth.

“Had enough, Hanna?” Christina asked. She snapped another photo of the two women fondling and suckling Hanna’s breasts.

When Hanna shook her head defiantly, Linda knelt in front of her and licked her smooth wet pussy. Hanna’s head fell back and she cried out in ecstasy as the three women continued to suck, lick, bite, and fondle her. Christina continued to snap pictures. Each of the other three women rotated so each would get a taste of Hanna’s dripping pussy. When they drank their fill they backed away, leaving Hanna to sag with exhaustion.

Hanna drew in shaky breaths until her heart rate returned to normal. She could feel her cheeks were flushed from orgasm and her legs trembled despite the tape holding them in place. She could hear the clicking of cell phone cameras and opened her eyes to see all four of the other women holding up their phones. She gave them a weak, proud smile. She noticed at some point they removed their clothes and secured strap-on dildos to their lower torsos.

“Ready for a little more?” Tina asked.

“Yes, madam president,” Hanna answered.

Tina moved in front of her and removed the tape securing her ankles to the beams. Hanna gritted her teeth to trap her scream. Tina nodded approval and lifted Hanna’s legs, so her knees were bent around her hips. Tina slid the dildo into Hanna like butter. Missy moved behind Hanna and slid her strap-on into Hanna’s anus. Hanna gasped at the tight fit but moaned with pleasure as the two women alternated thrusting in and out of her, causing her to swing back and forth. At a nod from Tina Christina and Linda took their positions behind her and Missy. They insert their strap-on dildos into the other two women’s asses, thrusting into them, and causing them to thrust deeper and harder into Hanna.

The screams of ecstasy echoed off the basement walls as they fucked Hanna and each other to exhaustion.

Word Count: 862
© Copyright 2015 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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