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Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail Shrinks again!
Takes place after Grand Magic Games ('cause like, I need to get farther in X3). As the guilds were now closer with each other due to the crazy conflict, Wendy and Chelia, of Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale respectively, have become very close friends. Wanting to do something nice for Chelia, though being a little short on money, Wendy ventured out to the Worth Woodsea to perhaps find some unique fruit for her friend.

"Though I wish I could do more for her." Wendy thought aloud, strolling casually with a plastic bag. "Oh well. I heard this forest has all kinds of magic fruit. Maybe there's some that can make us stronger, heheh! Now... I wonder what I should- aah!" Her foot came in contact with a, er, invisible tree root, falling face-first into a small garden of little pink mushrooms. "Cough... cough... ouch. W-What is... huh?" A cloud of sparkly pink dust puffed from the shrooms upon her land, and as her face turned pink, she felt an odd sensation. The dust of the mushrooms must make her dizzy, she thought, frantically trying to wipe it off so this dizziness would stop. It subsided when she felt she rubbed a fair amount off, but things were... different. The mushrooms had grown so the caps were higher than her - and the trees of the forest have become taller, greener, and bladed like grass. Also, something massive and tan-colored was flapping up and down from the breeze - her plastic bag that she was just carrying. . . . A storm of panic began to brew inside Wendy, for she knew where she was. "NOT AGAAAAAIIIIIN!"

Meanwhile, Chelia was not so far away from the same place. She was just
simply walking around, enjoying the weather and the beautiful view around.
But she don't had an idea, that she's soon going to get on the same path on
where her friend is just right now.

"YAAAAAAAH what'm I gonna do, what'm I gonna do!!" Wendy panicked in her classic hilarious fashion. "I should've brought Carla with me, I'm never gonna find my way back! All I wanted was to find my friend some-" The earth shook lightly, so Wendy anticipated the arrival of a gigantic monster. But looking across the tree-size grass, a head of dark-pink hair tied in spiked braids was drawing nearer. Her prayers were answered that very second. "CHELIA!!!"

Chelia was walking forawrd still, looking around with a wide grin on her
face. After some time, she thought she heard someone calling her so
she looked around. Noone was in nerby so she just shruged her shoulders
and cotninued her walk.

Chelia seemed to hear Wendy for a minute, but before long, she shifted direction a little toward Wendy's left. "Ohhhhhh she can't hear me when I'm like this. I have to get closer. Sky Dragon BOOST!!" She blasted twin cyclones behind her and dashed through the jungle of grass, inching closer and closer to Chelia's black, pink-sole sneakers. "CHELIA, STOOOOOP! IT'S ME, WENDY!" Using magic while yelling at the same time proved an exhausting task.

Chelia keep going, sowing the pink sole step after step. Just then she
stopped as she heard Wendy again. "Huh?" She sighed and again take
a look around. "that's weird.."

"YAAAAAH!-" Chelia's left shoe stopped and turned the other direction so Wendy collided with the tip. "Ooooww..." The collision took awhile to recover from with Wendy's speed.

"Hellooo?" Chelia's voice boomed above Wendy. "Anyone in there?" She asked
again continuing her walk.

WAAAAAH!" Wendy clutched the tip of the shoe as it flew up for a step, but when it landed, she fell off from the force. She shook the dizziness off and gasped as the shoe flew over her and continued. "CHELIA, WAIT!! Sky Dragon BOOST!!" She dashed at wind speed and performed a terrific leap once beside the shoe, getting on top to grab onto its pink lacing. "Huff, huff... maybe I can untie her shoe and make her trip- no, it's way too big. I could just climb up her sock 'til I reach her leg.... no, that's pretty big, too. What'm I gonna do?" She wept at the idea of going unnoticed for a long time.

Chelia just keep going aroud, untill she saw a wodden log not far away.
She smiled and make her way in there to sit up and relax for a while
in the warm light of the sun from above.

"!!! This is my chance!" With all the strength and speed of her little fingers, she began to climb the white leg-warmer, and from there, grabbed onto the black stocking to climb to Chelia's knee. Now that the part beyond was angling horizontally, she rushed up to the area of leg that was exposed, beginning to bounce on it and wave. "CHELIA, IT'S WENDY, PLEASE LOOK DOWN!"

"Huh..?' She thought she heard something, but not clrearly still. She just looked around
again. "Come on.. stop teasingme ,whoever you are!" She sighed annoyed and start
walking again.

"AAAAAHHHHH NONONONO!" When the leg began to shift vertical again, Wendy panicked to maintain balance and jumped to grab the edge of Chelia's skirt. She started swaying while Chelia walked, gripping the skirt with all the strength in her fingers. "CHELIA, STOP MOVING, PLEASE LOOK DOWN! PLEASE, I'LL DO ANYTHING IF YOU JUST LOOK DOWN AND SEE ME!" Her very life was in danger should she let go, and that fear became the foundation of her tears and panic. Her only wish was for Chelia to find her, but she was steadily losing hope.

Hey! Really it pisses me off!" She yelled and looked around once more. She still don't
noticed the little movement at her skirt, cause she wasn't really looking down.

Cheliaaaaa!" She exhausted so much breath, it seemed pointless. Her fingers were slowly sliding free as Chelia kept walking. "WAAAH!" She let go, but managed to grab the top of Chelia's huge black sock when her leg swung forward. She tugged as hard as she could to get onto its edge, but in the process tugged that little part open once she was up. "AAAAAAAHHH!" She ended up sliding headfirst down the long, cramped shaft between sock and leg. The pressure of either soft substance slowed and kept her descent from being fatal.

Chelia don't noticed that something just acctually slide down her
leg in her long, knee sock. She just keep walking, smiling again
as the calling for her around stopped.

If there was one key difference between Wendy and Chelia (besides their ages and Chelia's, er, Wendy was ashamed to say), it was that Chelia wore thick protection around her legs, these high black socks, under white leg warmers that went into sturdy black sneakers. Wendy always kept her legs bare below her flowing dress, wearing only sandals so that the cool breeze could cool them and help her be one with her element. She questioned Chelia's reasons for wearing such footwear being a Wind Mage as well, but maybe firmer footing helped Chelia moved faster. Either way, Wendy really wished she wore sandals, because deep in this darkness, there was very little air flow to go about. Sorry, Chelia... but your feet smell horrible. She thought to herself as she tried to roll on her front while on the roof of her left foot. Won't be using Sky Magic in here... I should probably save my oxygen. I'll never be able to climb back up. Guess there's only one way. As Chelia's feet kept swinging forward, she held herself steady and crawled down its slope, toward the toes. Chelia's ticklish like me too, far as I know. Let's hope she's sensitive enough.

helia just keep going. She don't felt anything yet, but she for sure
was ticklish. Meanwhile, moving inside her sneaker wasn't an easy
thing to do aswell, Wendy needed to put much effort to do that.

Once there, the force of a stomp sent Wendy headfirst in between two toes. In this cramped space, she shook around, but managed to stand back up. "I hope she feels this." Pulling her arms free of the bind, Wendy began to scratch the toes as much as she could, hoping to tickle.

Chelia stopped her walk in matter of second with a weird instant giggle. She also shaked
a little and loced her balacne falling on her back, giggling still at the tickles.

"WHOOOA!" The structure seemed to fly up and over, and now the toes were vertical. "Didn't think it'd work that well. . . better keep this up!" She remained in her perch and continued scratching.

Chelia start shaking on her back, as the tickling continues. She just couldn't stop, so
she tried to rub her foot on the ground, hoping to stop anything that's tickling her.

"Whooooooa!" After the shaking, Wendy began to shift back and forth. "Come on, Chelia, take off your shoe, I can't. ." All these quick movements made it harder to breathe in the cramped space. "HOOOOOMF!" As if acting on instinct, Wendy sunk her teeth into the flesh.

Chelia just keep going for a while, before the tickling finally stopped and she
calmed dwon.

"Huuff... yuck." Wendy's tongue touched the flesh, so she spat. She tried to catch breath. "Chelia, please, take off your shoe! I can't take much more of this.... please...."

It took her a while more, before she finally taked off her shoe slowly.

Wendy felt the foot shift and the faint sound of something sliding off the sock as sun peeped through. "YES!! Just the sock, Chelia, PLEASE take off the sock!"

Chelia thought for a while what t could be. Her shoe was empty so she decide
to slowly pull off her sock.

Light returned to Wendy's heart was the black fabric above was slowly sliding off. Any moment, Chelia would notice her, and she would be safe in the hands of her friend/spiritual sister.

"Uhh..? What.. what is it..?" She looked confused, staring at Wendy.

he sock flew off, and the Wendy was met with the sun and breath of the world, immediately recharging her lungs after only having stench to breathe. The giant blue eyes belonging to the head of dark-pink hair narrowed in on the curious passenger between the toes with green nail paint. "Heheheheh!" Wendy blushed, her natural sheepish instincts returning. "Sorry Chelly, but I'm feeling a little... short-sighted today."

"W-w-wendy?!" She blincked few times opening her eyes wide. "H-how..
you.. where... uhhh..?" She looked very confused.

"Chelia, thank goodness!!" ^D^ "I was walking and I tripped and I fell on these mushrooms--next thing I know THIS happens, and you were coming and I kept yelling and yelling, then one thing led to..... sigh." She needed to still catch breath. "Never mind, please you gotta help me!"

"H-h-help.. b-but how?" She sighed shocked. She quickly get Wendy
on her hand taking closer look.

"I don't know!" Wendy started crying. "I just wanna to get you something nice, but now I'm all tiny and shrimpy because I'm such a klutz, why does this stuff always HAPPEN to me?!? Sniff, sniff..." She fell to her knees and rubbed her eyes. "I can never do anything for my friends without being STUPID."

"Ohhh.. Wendy.. don't worry about it!" Chelia hugged her to her
chest. "I'll take care of you, untill we find way to get you back
to normal!"

Wendy flushed, remembering another difference she and Chelia had. "Thank you so much, Chelia. I don't know what I'd do without you, I'm so glad you came." X,(

"Let's got quickly to me home, shall we?" She smiled and start walking back.

"I'll love to see you live, Chelia! ^_^ If it isn't too much trouble, I'd really like something to eat when we get back. I haven't had lunch, yet."

"I'll prepare something good for you, when we get back!"

"I shouldn't need to eat much when I'm like this, but I still can't wait; I bet you're an excellent cook!"

Chelia smiled with slight blush. "We'll see that, Wendy.."

Wendy flushed, "B-But if cooking's not your thing, I understand, I'm fine with anything, I'm sorry if I offended you or anything!" She spoke rushedly and bowed. With this reduced, more powerless size, she felt the need to be as humble and polite as possible.

Chelia just laughed. "Youre even more adoraable than always"

"Hehe..." ^^; Wendy flushed, then remained silent and patient for the rest of the journey.

Finally, they made it to Lamia Scale's dorms, where Chelia brought Wendy to her room. It was very bright and pink, decorated with hearts and posters of "LOVE!". "You have a beautiful home, Chelia." Wendy said earnestly, even though the brightness kinda hurt her eyes.
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