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Learning lessons about life by observing nature.
When a river floods due to an excess of rain, there is water on surrounding land that ultimately becomes a disruption for many creatures – as well as the lake itself. Life in these areas must now quickly adapt to this change or seek shelter until the water subsides – which, in turn, delays their life work. Even if it’s only a few hours.

If you pour a glass of lemonade into a cup and continue pouring after it has reached the brim, there will be lemonade all over the kitchen counter. This is a less severe “flooding” example. Now your main focus, instead of drinking a delicious glass of lemonade, is trying to remember where you put the paper towels. Who wants to clean when there is a glass of lemonade screaming “Drink me!?” Not me.

These 2 lessons are different in nature but offer the same lesson in life.

Keep yourself full but don’t overfill with excess. This goes for everything in life. Balance.

True success is contentment in one’s personal achievements, life experiences and growth. To me, success is living life while giving everything you have to act on the things you’re passionate about. I believe the term “Success” has had its meaning altered by cultural engineers and generations of kids being told and shown what “success” is and looks like. I am getting off topic here. I will save that one for another time.

Success is internal. External rewards from internal success. Positive thinking and not allowing past experiences to determine your future possibilities. Your past is not indicative of what your future has in store. Especially if you can understand that hardships, while painful in the moment, are there to teach and develop your spiritual growth. They are not a punishment. Ever.

Positive thinking leads to positive results. These positive results, while not as timely as you’d prefer or come to pass the way you’d like, are certainly a path that is parallel with your true nature.

Nobody’s destiny is mediocrity. Culture hypnotises and eventually can cripple an artistic mind. Turn off the TV. Patience, my friend, and remember – You are a few thoughts and actions away from being a legend.

Keep that eye open and trust yourself. I’ll see you at the top.
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