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A young couple exchange letters on their lives during the whole of their courtship days...
June 18th, 1859
Hastings Crest, Maryland

Dear Mr. Haynesworth,

I am sorry indeed to return your letter at this late date. But surely you will excuse my carelessness, for my mother has just died and the household is in chaos. I can't even describe to you the sorrow that has touched our hearts at this time. Seth pours into his work something terrible when he is upset, and it is the most unbelievable challenge to get him to even stop for a bite to eat. My darling brother loved our mother so much, and it breaks my heart to see him in such a state. But, oh, Mr. Haynesworth! Your letter was such a cooling balm to my parched soul. My heart feels like it couldn't crack anymore, but it does with every reminder of my beloved mother's absence. However, upon reading your tidings, I am flattered that you would seek the pleasure of getting to know better my acquaintance. My father knows of our correspondence, of course, and he approved readily of the matter at hand. He appreciates knowing that I will be no longer pining over the state of affairs here at home every second, and he sends his greetings, with the note that he must have you over for supper soon.

But, in answering to your delightful tidbits of conversation, I am beyond thrilled that you received the position at the Boston attorney's office! From our brief meetings beforehand, your brilliance at defending points of an argument on any matter we and others discussed left us all in awe. No doubt that you will be an asset to the whole of justice and society. I, who usually do not enjoy the trivialities of law and politics, would very much like to know on what you think about the case over Harrison vs. Shields. Mr. Harrison is a disgusting man, whose greed sees no end. I cannot even fathom who would dare to possess another human being and make them their property. It is a shame that we live in a country who would support Mr. Harrison's story and condemn those poor souls to an unjust punishment. Oh my! Pardon my words. My father always told me to control my tongue and to think before I spoke. But, do tell, Mr. Haynesworth. What kind of justice system can there be to allow human lives to be tortured in such a manner? What benefit could come from it? I am quite curious on your thoughts on this matter. This will make a riveting discussion.

I am so glad to hear that your brother has come home at last! I send my congratulations on him receiving his degree. May he be a wonderful contribution to the world of medicine. Hastings Crest will be in gratitude of his services. Now, for your questions. Yes, I do intend to complete my studies at Redding Women's Academy. I have one year left to complete before receiving my teaching certificate.

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