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A conversation between my dog Ladybug and I
"Why did my last owners beat and kick me every day?"

"Because they were not nice people. But it made you more kind."

"Why did they let the other dogs hurt me and then laugh?"

"Because they were fulfilling their sick need for entertainment. But it made you stronger."

"Why did they leave me tied up with no food, water or shelter?"

"Because they gave no thought to your suffering. But it made you more aware of others' pain."

"When I broke my chain and ran away, why did the man throw me into the back of a truck?"

"Because his job is to keep you safe from the streets. But it taught you appreciation."

"When you came to the shelter, why did you choose me?"

"Because I knew you were a good dog who would show love. It made me happy."

"Why were you so good to me when you took me home?"

"Because I wanted you with all my heart, and I loved you. It taught you that not all people are bad."

"Why are you crying, and why do I feel so tired?"

"Because I love you so very much. But Jesus misses you and wants you to come home."

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, baby."

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