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by Logan
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What life's crushes can reduce us to

When it all comes down to nothing
When it all comes down to this
A lifetime spent on something
Some things that we miss
Some things that we tried for
Some things that we passed
Things that we would die for
Though they wouldn’t know or ask
Everybody has a pedestal
A throne that’s built for one
If you’re lucky, you can have it all
The Earth, the Moon, the Sun
If you’re lucky and not scared of heights
There’s a pedestal for you
Belief, it is regardless
If you don’t, or if you do
You’re already sitting on it
Someone holds you there
But if they are not on your board
With pieces left to spare
You’re never going to see them
Yet in the shadows they will be
Watching, waiting, vying
In the wings so patiently
Waiting for their own turn
While you? You wait for yours!
And sometimes… only sometimes
You draw the same length straws
Should this ever happen
Just really, don’t look down
Because the fall, it only matters
When the right opponent’s found
And it’s better to do something
Than choke it up and miss
When it all comes down to nothing
… it all comes down to this
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