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Why did Jesus let himself be crucified?
Lady Ga Ga has said to the media she is tormented by demons.
She has friends watch her while she is sleeping to chase away the boogy demons.
Yes, she has made a living worshiping hedonism and demonic symbols.
Nevertheless, she fears these very demons she sings too.

I'd say she's conflicted. However, I enjoy her music and curvaceous figure.
I also enjoy movies about the Devil : Night of the Demon.
It's fun to imagine that you are in a cosmic battle between good and evil.
Nobody, wants to be told that their lives are unimportant and they will become extinct.
That's not a fun movie.

If I had some quality time with Lady Ga Ga , I would spank her.
Come on girl, don't be a pussy be a tiger.
There is so much hypocrisy in modern pop culture.
You want sexual freedom? Well, watch out for STDs and unwanted pregnancies ..
And if you have no idea what you believe in, say hello to mental illness.
People were called witches and heretics and burned alive, because they worshiped
a different God.
Where is the love of God?

Now, fasten your seatbelt, let me tell you about my happy Irish Catholic Family.
Sex was believed to be Original Sin. But, God said be fruitful and multiply. (?)
People of color wore the mark of Cain. But, Jesus was a Nazarene, who have a dark complexion.
The Jesus I saw every morning hung over my bed on a crucifix.
I read porn in my bed and pleasured myself. . That's a mortal sin of lust.
Every kid in my neighborhood committed a mortal sin.+

I have a music video for Lady Ga Ga : a crucifix scene.
That will be controversial , but I don't think Christians will kill you for it.
Why does God allow it? What do we learn from the crucifixion of Jesus?
Should all Christians martyr themselves?
Then, Jesus floated away on a cloud. Where did he go?
And the sinning has increased with the population.
That's a big fail for the Savior.

The golden rule in society is to work together for a happy life.
You shouldn't be flagellating yourself over lustful thoughts.
Of course if your into flagellation that's a fetish.
Pagans viewed Christians as a death cult and tried to kill them off.
That did not work out well for the pagans, who were burned for their beliefs
by Christians. Is God a spectator?
William Blake said it best, "There is a Devil without a doubt, but is he trying to get in or out?"
Lady Ga Ga is not the Anti-Christ. She is a bimbo with a great set of pipes
and she's stacked.

I say Ah-men!

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