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Emily has been given magic to do anything she wants, good things, and a few dirty things.
Chapter 1: A Note

Emily Rivers, a 16 year old, in her second year of high school. Not the cleanest mind of many. She hides it very well around others, often acting pure, yet might have to bite her lip not to laugh if someone says something perverted unintentionally. She isn't the queen bee of her school, yet she does have a few friends she talks to, about normal things that is.

Emily has a slim figure that looks like a tall girl who never went through puberty, with her being 5'8" without ever the need for a bra, which she is often teased about, and sometimes hit on because. She owns two bikinis, and a few white bras that are completely flat.
She finds interest in some normal things, like cute clothes, yet she never getting really excited or jumpy like girls on T.V. or just anyone else in general. A nerdy thing, because whenever she learns something new, she gets the need to learn all about it. And then, anime; lots and lots of crazy anime. Ranging from fantasy worlds, to perverted comedies, then into only a "bit" of ecchi things. She even learned Japanese in order to not have to watch the text on screen all the time. And even became quite the incredibly fast reader after having to watch so many subtitled animes.
She tells anyone about it, and if a friend brings up an anime, she'll try to get them to recommend it to her so she can come back a few days later and talk excessively about it, even though she most likely has watched it before. Her friends might not even care anymore.
Her favorite things that she wishes could happen to people real life are: neko girls, lolis, and cute tsunderes. Along with lots of perverted magic things. Although one of her most hated things is tentacle hentai.

One day, while Emily was walking home from what felt like an underlearned day, she sees a podium in the middle of an empty street with an opened book on it. She walks up to it, on the closed off empty street she was on, and read it.
"Do you wish for your dreams of fantasy to come true? Then flip to the next page. If not, then walk away and never find out anything about this book no matter how hard you try." Emily was cautious of a strange book in the middle of the street. Yet hoping that something exciting would happen, even if it's a prank, she flipped the page.
She felt a small force on her front side, and everything went black. Only to then become a crowd, with her just standing in it. It felt like a dream, was it a dream, was that entire day just a dream? She knew she had to be in a dream for a few reasons. One, whenever she looked up the sky changed, from orange sunset, to cloudy midday, then clear starry night. She didn't feel her getting pushed around by the crowd of people around her, but most obvious of all, she was in an anime. She kept seeing lines around everyone, and her brain kept telling her they are 3D, even though they were all flat.
They were looking at something. Emily tried to figure out what it was with her blurry dreamy consious weighing her down. That's when she realized what anime she was in. It wad new one she just found out about that takes place in a technologically desolate future, as if everything remained like it was 200 years ago forever. Yet there was unrealistic fighting and a madman who wad pretty much a steampunk trying to take over the continent with his technology. She couldn't remember the name. She looked forward to see that the protagonist was in a swordfight with the antagonist.
It was very real, as real as her dreams got that was. As the characters were in 3D and she saw sparks flying everywhere and heard the loud sounds of smashing metal as they fought. She realized her position as she then was able to look at herself and realize that she was wearing peasant clothes and her head was full of peasant things, weird like a dream as she didn't know a thing about it a second ago.
Things started getting more real as she started getting tossed around a bit in the crowd and could feel the strong winds in her face. She felt the dirt on her body of not being able to shower often.
The sparks diminished from the swords and she didn't hear the cool clashing sound of swords anymore, only dull hits of metal. As her senses increased and reality then felt real.
Emily felt a light weight land on her head. She took it off and looked at the piece of paper in her hands. It was a note that said nothing but "wake up".
She immediately woke up, sitting up as she did without being fully awake. She felt excited as if she woke up from a nightmare, not sluggish like when she usually wakes up. The first thing she noticed was her alarm clock was at 6:42 a.m. She looks at the calender, and it was the morning of May 14. 2015, the day she just was in.

It was the second to last day of school, casually marked by crazy scribbles all over the entire week. Emily thinks cautiously as she still believes she is in a dream.
She then feels something in her left hand and looks at it. It was a white piece of paper with something written on it. While she looked down at the paper she didn't see any lines on her and noticed she was wearing a pink nighty with even pinker spots on it, the same thing she put on before she went to bed yesterday. She was beginning to belive that everything that just happened was a dream and today hasn't even happened yet.
She focuses on the sheet of paper in her hand, something telling her it was the same one she picked from her hair in her dream. Although it said something completely different.
"So you decided to flip the page huh. Most people just leave it alone. I would have. So heres the first part your day has just been reset most of the same things are going to happen. Yet you can still change the outcome if you do anything different. Also when you walk home the podium wont be their anymore. You might be wondering whats going on just know that nothing bad will happen as long as nothing bad will already happen normally. I cant fit everything on one piece of paper I will tell you the rest later."
"Whoever wrote this is right, they have the handwriting and grammar of a kindergartner." Emily says to herself looking at the sloppy writing that took up the entire page.

Chapter 2: Morning

Emily was concerned about what had happened in the course of what she could tell was only a minute or two. She was really hoping this was just a wild dream, yet her wild side hoped it was real. She got up, got ready, and noticed that absolutely nothing was different from her dream. Everything was in the same place, nothing was abnormal from what she normally goes through. When Emily finished getting ready she walked downstairs, that's when the first difference occurred.
She walked into the kitchen, going to go get cereal like she did in her 'dream'. Yet when she looked around, she saw her parents eating a pancake breakfast, they didn't seem to notice her. She glanced at the microwave clock, it was 7:36. Normally she wakes up at 7:15, and gets downstairs by 8, by that time her parents would have left to their jobs. Her mom is a nurse, and her dad is a real estate agent. In her 'dream', she woke up at her normal time, yet now she woke up almost an hour earlier.

Emily sneaked away, not getting seen by her parents.
"That's totally normal, I've woken up early sometimes." Emily said to herself back in her room. She lied down on her bed trying to figure out what's going on.
"I had a day, I saw a book, I'm here." She told herself in different ways.
"Who made that note? Was there real magic?" 'Am I gonna get to be in an anime!?' She squealed in her own head. She looked forward towards her window, there was writing on it in dark blue marker.
'Quite the impatient one aren't you. Sorry about that last note, I was writing it with my other hand and I wasn't actually looking at paper while doing so. I was busy setting some things up, but first' Emily saw the clouds move and the sun seemed to have risen more. Her focus goes back to the writing on her window and it was completely different.'You better get to school. When you get there, during your first class your teacher will pass out papers and ask everyone to write down how their year was. Flip the paper over twice, when you do another note will be written on it. Take a picture of it with your phone but don't read it, flip it once more and the writing will disappear. Do the assignment and turn it in. During lunch look at the picture, the next half will be there. Yet if you read any of the note while it's on paper, it will crumble up in your hand, and when you open it, it will be gone and you'll never get another note again.'

Emily looked at her clock and saw it read 8:15, the time she usually starts walking to school. She walks back downstairs to see her parents are gone, now in the kitchen is her 14 year old brother Julian. Julian was at the end of eighth grade. He was sitting down, calmly eating dry cereal just like he does every morning. Julian was a bit tall for his age, although not noticeably unless you had someone else to compare him to.
The three main things about him are that he has a voice that sounds 10 years older than himself, yet it is better than before puberty. Back then his voice was high enough to beat any girl in a glass breaking contest. What it became was actually a great sounding voice, although he never sings or does much because when he was younger, Emily would always tell him to never sing or even speak because he sounded terrible.
Another thing is, that his mind knows no limits. He is, similar to Emily, a knowledge hungry machine. Yet he goes far beyond Emily as he is more like a team of geniuses packed into one head. He was actually offered to move up three grades when he was just in second. Now he wishes he would have, as he now wants to graduate early just because he says he doesn't want to go through another four years of school, and would rather do more work for just 2. Your mom won't let him, as Julian says he wants to wait at least year before going to college no matter when he graduates. Yet she says until he's 18, she will force him to stay in school
He also often scares people by basically teleporting in silence wherever he needs to go. If he wants to get something and you look away for even a second while he's getting it, he'll be done. It's like he just warps around wherever he wants to go. No one, not even your parents, know his secret. And if you ask him he'll just tell you that he simply walks wherever he wants to go. Yet a part of you doesn't want to believe him, that he actually has some kind of magics.
The last thing is, that no matter what he eats, he never gains weight. Not only that, he is incredibly skinny. Yet unlike other guys that still do physical work, he never moves.

"It's unlike you to be down here this late." Julian tells Emily.
Julian was already finishing up as Emily noticed she didn't have time to eat because it was already 8:22. School starts at 8:45 and it's a 20 minute walk to get to school. Emily grabs a few granola bars and her backpack and rushes out the door, going the opposite way as Julian to her school.

Chapter 3: The First Rule

Emily ran in the opposite direction of her brother's middle school. He said if he did graduate early, he would finish middle school normally, then do all of high school in one year.
Emily rushed to school, even forgetting what happened in her 'dream' on the run there.

[TO BE CONTINUED] and by that i mean i need to update it
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