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Its all about my fear

                   How to answer for the question âWhat is your name?â? , How to reply when the question âWhich class are you studying?â is asked? , What number I must tell them suddenly when someone asks me âWhat is your rank in the current examination?â? These are the questions that scare me when I was a child studying in primary classes. Not only years incremented, but also the intensity of the fear to answer for various simple questions incremented. Whether I should say the truth or act as if I donât know when someone asks me âIs there any problem with you?â
                   Itâs not the questions that scare me. There are many situations that I might face. The way I need to ask someone for my basic need happens only after a large number of rehearsals each and every time. This âsomeoneâ indicates even my or especially my parents and closest dears. âDad, sign my Progress Reportâ, âMom, I need snacksâ, âMom, I lost my penâ. The worst thing is that I was never ignored by them, I was never scolded by them for these reasons. Not a single day made my Mom scold me for losing the pen. Not a single moment made my Dad criticize me for scoring low marks. Yet I was the only girl who had feared for no reason. I am the only lady too who fears till now but for no reason. I could say honestly that I am afraid because I am afraid for no reason.
                   No one knows how I would feel when I am in fear. But everyone knows how to easily advise when I was in fear. Even now when I am writing this article I am afraid of what others would think of it. Whether the content is qualitative or not. Whether my article is correct grammatically. I am not sure why my hands shiver when I hold a mic. Yet I am so eager to speak in-front of all without any hesitation. I feel that fear fires me frequently. But I am sure that I will never try to stop trying to fire my fear. My heart-beating soul is waiting for the day when my shivering hands freeze with the brave volume up.

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