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A short story
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A short story
#2044563 by Mary Ann MCPhedran
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We booked our holiday to Malta. Donald and I left it up to Jackie to book, and make the arrangements. Her friend Kev came with her. We had a two bedroom accommodation and Kev was next door with a huge apartment which we used if we wanted to eat in. The rooms were basic but very comfortable.

Kev was a blond headed lad about six foot in height a smart dresser, and Jackie got on well with him. She was only friends with him, and didn't want a relationship with him. Donald and I both liked him.
Our first impression of the pool area was it was pleasant and good, but it had tall buildings around it, and they shaded the sun. Which suited me but not Donald . He suggested that we go and sit on the rocks for an hour or two. I was an hour on the beach, and I was burning. We decided to go for a walk Jackie and Kev were doing their own entertainment with Lauren who was three.
We walked along a path which led to two other hotels. The first one was the Hilton.
"Let's go inside?" I pleaded. I needed to get out of the sun.
'Are you kidding, and do you know how much it will cost for a pint in there?'
It could have been Buckingham Palace, and I couldn't care less what the price of a pint was, I had to get some shade I walked to door and the attendant opened the door to let us pass.

I quickly spent a little time in the ladies, and then joined Donald. We went to the pool area.
It was beautiful, no high buildings, and luxurious sun beds, with mattresses, and umbrella.
The pool was magnificent, a figure of eight shape and looking inviting. I sat on a sun bed, and Donald sat on one next to me. An attendant said Hello, and placed two enormous beach towels beside us. We looked at each other, and Donald began stripping of his shirt to sun bathe, but he wasn't brave enough to go to the bar. I went to order drinks. The bar attendant handed the drinks to me.
'Would you like them charged to your bill?'
"No thank you will pay now.' He gave me my change, and I went back to Join Donald.
The pool area led to a private beach but I decided to stay by pool, because there was shade.
We might have paid a few shillings extra at the bar, but we had good service in return. So the rest of the holiday we lived at a three star hotel Sun bathed in the Hilton Hotel. We went out in the evening, because the bars had better entertainment .
Just A Little Passage From the Book Bits and Pieces.
It was quite late in the evening when I arrived at the log cabin. The sun was just going down and a blanket of black clouds was floating by displaying
cracks of orange colour between them. I hauled my fishing tackle from the car into the cabin. It was still summer time and in no need for a fire. I took a rug from the cupboard, and spread it over the settee in case it turned chilly.

I walked down the wooden deck leading to the water, to see the sun set and feel the warm breeze on my face. The reflection of the fir trees, the weeping willow all looked pretty, on the water. It was just like a looking glass. I rolled my trousers to my knees and removed my socks and shoes.
I sat on the edge of the decking and dangled my feet in the water. I was at peace with myself, and looking at my reflection in the water, I looked like Huckleberry Fin. I was happy and I soaked up the atmosphere of the evening

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