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A therapy session
"So tell me my friend, how are you today? Have we made any progress?"

"Oh Doc, it's not any better. I can't sleep; I've lost my appetite. I'm always looking over my shoulder, always thinking those darned woodcutters are after me."

"It's been ten years, you know. I imagine they've moved on even if you haven't."

"But how can I move on? Everyone still blames me for the entire incident when I was clearly just following my instincts. As I've told you a hundred times, if not a thousand-"

"I'd go with a thousand."

"-If Red's mother, who according to all accounts 'adored' her daughter, had been any kind of parent she would have never let Red roam out in the woods all by herself. And good God! The girl was wearing bright red. Could she have been anymore obvious?"

"The red was to let hunters know of her presence."

"Yeah, yeah. But I'm a wolf for God's sake. What did they expect? Even if the girl had to go out into the woods by herself to visit her ailing grandmother, you'd think her mother would have warned her not to talk to strangers, especially ones with big eyes, big teeth and hairy bodies!

She might as well have sent me an invitation to dine on her grandmother with all the details she gave me. And just how stupid was she? She couldn't tell the difference between this ugly mug and her grandmother's? Give me a break. I did the world a favor."

"Well that's not how everyone else saw it, but I can understand your point of view. But what's done is done, my friend. We can't undo it; you just need to move on… As I've said for the last five hundred sessions, the story has been told. I've encouraged you to write a letter to the editor. Even if you never send it, the mere act of writing is therapeutic."

"I've written and sent a hundred letters and they've all been rejected."

"Yes, I suppose it doesn't help that Red's uncle is the publisher. We do have the antagonists' support group that meets once a month at the Moose Lodge, but you refuse to go."

"I told you I went once, but after that I was ostracized."

"Yes, well you are a little intimidating, and threatening to eat the ogre's children if he didn’t let you have the last biscuit was probably not the smartest move.”

“I told him I was only kidding.”

“Given your track record, even villains don’t like to take chances. There is a reason why I'm talking to you by way of a conference call. As much as I want to trust you, you have to admit, it did get a little close that one time."

"And I thought you said you weren't going to bring that up anymore. I promised from that point forward I would always make sure I had plenty to eat before coming for my session, but no, one bite that barely broke the skin and up go the walls. What kind of therapist are you anyway?”

“Pretty much, the only one who will counsel you.”

“You’re supposed to make me feel better about myself.”

“Believe me. I’m doing my best. And, oh look, our time is up. Keep working on your meditation and I'll see you in a week."

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