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Short story about bullying
                                       The Gun

          Every Monday for the past four weeks, Neil and Phillip had robbed Keith of his weekly allowance. They would meet him at the gate to the school grounds on his way in, and systematically force him to empty his pockets. He had had enough. He decided he would do something about it...he would get himself a gun.

         Keith was only eleven years old, but he had seen the entire situation on television. He had watched as the crooks had shaken down an old man, only to see the old man arm himself and take matters to the extreme. He had even seen the old man face the consequences...nothing. In the cop-drama, the old man had been arrested, sure enough, but the circumstances were such that he was deemed acting in self-defense, and was not guilty of a crime. Keith was certain the same would be thought of him.

         Saturday, he thought long and hard about his predicament. Then, it finally came to him. He knew where he could get a gun. And come Monday morning, those guys would be sorry.

         All day Sunday, he practiced. “Get your hands up! What makes you think it's okay to take my lunch money? You guys are jerks.” Yeah, he was ready...

         This Monday, when Neil and Phillip were waiting at the gate, they were shocked and scared when they saw the pistol. They raised their hands when he told them to. They apologized. They even promised not to do it anymore. Just like on television, the gun had magically changed everything. And it all would have ended then and there, if it weren't for Keith. He had to humiliate Neil and Phillip. Taking aim, he pulled the trigger of the gun. A steady stream of water flew from the muzzle.

         Keith will be out of the hospital and back at school in three days...
         Neil and Phillip were both expelled for beating him up.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2044661