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After a party, Jenna has unwelcome, not-so-human company, in her home, and in her bed.
Jenna left the party alone, just as she had arrived. She staggered the four blocks to her house, feeling much too woozy for the little alcohol she'd consumed. She tripped up the three steps to her porch, and after an initial struggle, managed to unlock and open the door and stumble inside. Leaning heavily against the door, she engaged the lock.

The world began to tilt and spin, knocking Jenna to the floor. Through the hazy fog in her mind, she found her way to bed, on hands and knees. There she grasped the side of the mattress, and pulled herself onto it. Everything became a dark, gray blur, bleeding rapidly into blackness. She clung to what was left of her consciousness for dear life, but that too, was fading fast. Something was terribly wrong. Never, had Jenna experienced such helpless detachment from reality. And then - there was nothing.

The feeling of burning hot dampness in her nether regions and a woodsy scent, slowly permeated the darkness that still encompassed Jenna's senses. Bit by bit, other oddities began to surface, as she teetered on the precipice of awareness, mingled with a force that continued to try to drag her back under. A warm, steady yet rapid pulsing of air hitting the back of her neck. The distant sound of...of what? Heavy breathing, perhaps? No, More like a pant. Something was shaking her, almost harshly, like slamming into her in a relentless and painful rhythm.

'If only I could open my eyes, see what this is and fight it off . If my mind would clear and my eyes could focus.Oh God help me!' she begged silently as understanding dawned. 'I'm being raped!'

She screamed, but it came out as a barely audible squeal. She realized that he had her positioned with the front of her body against the bed, as he hammered into her previously virginal body. Her awareness was returning rapidly now, and she found herself wishing she could escape back to whatever darkness enveloped her just moments ago. The feeling of being violently impaled by his manhood, felt as if he were ripping her apart from the inside out. She knew in her heart, that if she survived this, she'd probably wish she hadn't. But, survival is an odd thing...one will fight until death to preserve it.

"Stop! Please...stop," Jenna pleaded. "Why are you doing this? Who are you?" She questioned on a sob, as she tried in vain to escape.

She felt her hair being grabbed and ripped roughly upward. "Shut up bitch!" she heard, from a voice that sounded anything but human. In a deep growl, he continued. "I'll stop when I am ready to. No sooner. Do not fight it. You cannot win," and he pumped into her even more viciously. As he pulled back to pound in once more, she gathered every ounce of strength she had, pulled herself away from his incessant thrusting and flipped over, scrambling to escape her attacker.

White hot pain exploded through her head as he bashed his forehead into hers, threatening to take her under again.

"I told you, you cannot fight this and win!" he growled at her again.

'Breathe...just breathe. Don't let the darkness take you under again! Think Jenna, you have to get away!'

Although she knew she needed to pull it together to figure our her escape, Jenna couldn't help but cry out in pain and fear, tears falling unchecked from her barely seeing eyes. Whatever was slipped into her drinks at the party, was impairing her in every way possible, except for her undiluted sense of doom. She fought to open her eyes wider, get them to focus, get her brain to register exactly who was attacking her. As he swam in and out of focus, Jenna didn't know if she could even trust what she thought she was seeing. She began thrashing wildly, trying to get out of it's grip, but it was strong. So damn strong!

He pinned her in place, and again invaded her most personal area. Jenna fought hard and managed to get an arm free. She grabbed the intruder by the face, digging her fingers into his eye socket. She grabbed the orb within and pulled with all of her might. The beast howled and roared in pain and rage, as his blood pulsed and ran down Jenna's hand, wrist, then arm. Finally, she ripped her hand away, with the now unseeing eyeball encased in her fist, at the same time she brought her knee up, hard. She heard a satisfying crunch, as his testicles were crushed from the impact.

She had no idea who was screaming louder. She didn't care. As long as his screams and howls were present, she knew she might have half a chance of getting away. Scanning the room for something to use as a weapon, Jenna realized she still clutched the maniacs eyeball. She threw it away from her, in disgust. She felt a sudden biting pain in her right forearm, then felt herself being dragged by it. Finally, her visual acuity was fairly well restored, and she knew that what she faced wasn't human. A furry muzzle, yet not the same as a dog, had it's teeth clamped around her arm. He was dragging her deeper into her bedroom.

"What the fuck?" She questioned out loud, not expecting a reply. Her brain kicked into overdrive, as she tried to place exactly what it was attacking her. "No!" She screamed, "It's not possible..."

She felt herself being released on the floor near the far corner of her room. He sprang at her as she protectively covered her head and face the best she could with her arms, curling her body into a tight ball. "You fucked everything up," the aggressor yelled in his deep gravely voice. It was obvious he was still in pain, but he didn't let that stop him. "On. The. Bed. Now!" he roared, as blood continued to trickle from his eye socket.

Jenna stayed where she was, crying and shaking. He reached for her as she lost control of her bladder. His claws came down on either side of her body, leaving deep. bloody trails in their wake. There was no second warning. All Jenna saw was a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, descending upon her throat. Her scream was choked off by the pressure of the attack. her breathing was coming in short, raspy breaths. Head spinning, and threatening to black out again, Jenna fought back with what little life she had left in her. She combed her memory for the answer to how she could best the beast. She had read it somewhere, but was it true?

Suddenly it clicked. A wooden stake. As she searched the recesses of her mind, she wrapped her hands around the werewolf's throat and squeezed with all of her might, digging in her fingers and nails as deep as she could. It did little to deter the bastard, but she kept squeezing, willing herself to stay alive. he whipped his head, along with her throat, managing to get her on the edge of the blood soaked bed. She yelped in pain, as her grip lost it's hold on his throat. The upside to this, was that he too lost his grip on her throat. It might be too late for her, but she would be damned if she didn't do more damage to him first.

As he attempted to gather himself, Jenna noticed the framed picture just above the head of the bed, she made a grab for it, smashing it into the wall and breaking the frame, as the picture went flying. The beast, realizing what Jenna was doing, pounced on her. Just as he came into contact with her body, she positioned the shard of wood she held in her hand to inflict ultimate injury. It was all she had left in her to accomplish this much. She was a goner. There wasn't an ounce of fight left in her.

And, just as she realized this fact, an ear splitting screech broke through her thoughts, she was certain she would never hear another sound, in her last moments of life. A heaviness pressed against her. She could feel the twitching spasms as life left her assailant.

It took Jenna a few moments to mentally gather herself, then she wriggled free from the body that had her pinned. Blood was everywhere. She knew a good portion of it was hers, but some too, was his. She felt numb, as tears cascaded down her cheeks. She reached out for the phone on her bedside table and dialed 911. She spoke not a word. Just cried and sobbed, as the dispatcher assured her help was on the way.

The phone fell away from her hand, as she collapsed into a heap in the corner. "Oh God no!" She screamed. As she realized the beast may have impregnated her.

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