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by Hunter
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Friendship · #2044857
Charlie Locks, a caring best friend, struggles to realize that Addyson has replace her.
Your life is molded by those you choose to love. Charlie chose to love someone who let her down. Charlie had the biggest heart. She was the type to pick up a conversation with someone she barley knew and she could talk to them as if they had known each other for years. Addyson was different then Charlie. She always was concerned what most everyone would think of her. Addyson had been home schooled for most of her life so Charlie never blamed her for that. Addyson had gone to school for a bit of elementary and never lacked an army of affectionate followers to praise her every move. No wonder she went mad without a popularity rank to receive or a crowd to please. Then Addyson found it. She discovered that her church created a rank to climb up the popularity ladder. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a normal church. It was built on the principle of enticing young people. Charlie went with Addyson a few times but did not usually because Charlie thought it a waste of time. Charlie watched as her best friend slowly disappeared. The day Addyson found other friends, was the day their friendship died. No, Addyson didn't dump her best friend, but she did slowly forget her because she had other friends and a ladder to climb. At one of the two's frequently becoming infrequent coffee dates she told Charlie that she realized that she only hung out with Charlie. Little did Charlie know that meant that she would never be her good friend again.
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