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by zorro
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2044898
The sad truth of not knowing how to write properly and being unable to tell a great story.
The real truth is that when he steps off the train his life won't change much, just the geography will be noticeable? Winning the lottery should have been the life changer, but he can't even divulge he did so. Getting out of a State Prison just three days ago should help change something in his life? But, he has to carry the burden of Parole for a few more years, so he's not free by any meaning of the word. And now you know this much about him, and I can't tell you the whole story because of my lack of a proper education. Well, in story telling anyway! I can write and verbally tell a great story, however, in order to get it published and told to more than just a few close friends is something else entirely. And I truly am sorry for this because I know that you are dying to read the whole story, you want to know what he will do next? And it is a story that needs to be told. It needs to be told by me, no, nobody else can do it and that's just the honest truth.
You say get the money from his lottery winnings and self publish it. Well that wouldn't work, you see, because there again, he can't let anyone know that he was the actual ticket bearer. At the time of his winning the largest Power Ball lottery amount in history, he was being sentenced to fifteen years in prison. And because of that fact they most likely would have found away to keep him from ever collecting being a felon and all? Either way, he and his parents decided not to take that chance and instead his parents announced themselves as the winners. Where for the past four years they have followed instructions issued by him on how to utilize the money, which they have done and building a Corporate Empire. An empire built from a dream he has had inside him since he was a teenager and is now reality. Only I can't tell you anymore about it, my writing doesn't permit me too.
Whats even more important about all this, I can't even tell you about how he ends up going back to doing things that he was once known for. In fact, he had been downright popular around the neighborhood he was years back in his home town. He had a strange reputation he and some others he chose to run with. He along with a nick-name given him by a friend, led him into a position that made him some would call a legend. And when I say it wasn't because he wanted it, I mean it! Only, things just seemed to always fall into situations where his nick-name fell into place perfectly as the solution or cure if you will? Incident and all you had to do is call the nick-name and more times than not he might be able to make it disappear. He believed that he outlived that era when he moved away ten years earlier. He had made a life changing decision by moving out of state and into quite a complete cultural awakening. From California to Montana on a weeks thought, leaving behind family and friends not to mention popularity some only dream about, was an awakening in itself.
How can I ever tell you of the day after day knuckle cracking and nail biting chases between he and his Parole Officer who for no particular reason just can't wait to send him back to prison on violation. How about telling you about meeting a beautiful young woman who along with taking his breath away she matches his wit and will. And being the silent CEO of his Company allows him to disguise himself and his surroundings with no limits financially. What you will be missing is this non-stop somewhat comical adventure thriller and holding on to your seats. Instead, you will have to go through the rest of your life guessing you know or assume to know the story or one similar? You don't and won't ever know of one similar.
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