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This was written about a blast from the past.
Waiting for you wasn't the hard part. It was the days and the nights, wondering if you were alright. It was the waking up to loneliness because you weren't by my side. The tears I've cried, the thoughts in my mind, missing you, craving you. The things we did and the fun we've had, make it hard for me. So many times I've tried to forget you. So many times I believed it worked. Only for you to come back and break down every guard around my heart and demand it back! The nerve of you to not remember my weakness for you and the things that you do right down to the very scent of you! It should be a crime to be so damn divine that a woman can turn into a little girl without you even trying! The audacity of you to have ever let me go without even grabbing my hand! It infuriates me especially since you're not just a man! You're far more than that. You're what songs are made of, magic will happen when we make love. You are everything that I've ever asked for. Now, I will have to watch you as you leave to be happy because my love just wasn't enough. Isn't it strange and a bit deranged that it would end like this? Not even a touch, a goodbye, or even a kiss. Not a call or a letter to say that I will be missed. Nothing but time and reminders of how you're not mine. And never were.
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