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by Ivyn
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Detective · #2045112
Two girls. Morse code. Amy Lee. And a dangerous adventure. (May contain profanity.)
Chapter One

"But it's a brand new CD! How is it skipping?" "Why would I know!? Wait a minute..." Sara listened carefully to the music. Her best friend, Addison, had just received the Evanescence album Fallen in the mail. The song "Bring Me To Life" was skipping. "It's Morse code. Four short skips... That's H... One short skip.... E... L... P... Then it stops... Wait... M... E... Help me! It's saying help me!" "You know Morse code?" "Yeah. Of course... Addison?" "You might want to look at this..." Sara turned to face the TV, which was where Addison was pointing. Amy Lee, Evanescence's lead singer, had appeared on screen. "That TV has been broken for two weeks, Sara..." "Well, it's obvious. Amy Lee needs help." "How the fuck is that obvious!?" "Elementary, dear Addison." "Shut up!" "All I'm saying is that she's in trouble. And obviously, she needs our help." "Right. Because two teenage girls are going to be able to deal with something like this. There's, like, magic or something involved." "I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for this." "Of course there is, Doctor." "Very funny."
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2045112