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A poem in praise of the inner courtyard at my nursing home


The inner courtyards at Bupa Eastwood

Pleasing to the eyes of all who see them

Surrounded by rooms of residents who would

Without them gaze on featureless walls of brick and not

Hear the calls

Of the early morning magpie serenade to its frozen mate on the table

Chatting and begging to one who is unable

To come out to play

He must go alone this day

To catch the worms and fly aloft but not forgetting

As each morning he is back to try to break the spell

Seems a witches wand has stopped the movement

Of the magpie and the cheeky puppy as he dashed

Towards his bowl not heeding calls or smell

The meerkats at another window their frantic scrambling

And squeaking unheard and unseen

As stand and gaze inside

At something which has caught their eye so keen

The majestic bird of paradise flowers

Their orange and purple hold the power

To stun in itself as people see it

And in the season when colours fade

Caught the gaze of person inside who at a glance

Just thought it was an emu's head it had seen

All manner of flowers each season come and go

As is their want and each have been

To perhaps fading eyes a blessing

Below the sweeping sails giving shade

So that plants and people need not be so shy

To brave the heat and give them respite

To feel the gentle breezes and see the butterflies alight

On flowers then flutter on

The tempered sunlight bathes upon

All below in the courtyard. Coral Boucher

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