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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2045165
A world of discriminating rebellion wrenches survival aceptance battle love and wildflower
The coldness swept over me freezing all solemn in myself it was crazy to imagine, to simply in vision the nightly events that forced its way into my life. As I tried to stable myself with the help of our family dining chairs pacing my breathing the action still rushing through me. It was all a blur a mistake, but a mistake that held me in the arms of those to not be held upon.

Darkness had fallen I was running, running from the "dogz". There scent on me as if second nature all for a flower, in spite it was a healing flower for my sickly mother who had fallen ill in times of birthing to my younger sister a year ago. Yet on forbidden grounds in which sentenced to slavery and death if caught and they always caught. As I was running my body aching in persistent moving I fell trapping my ankle in a hole twisting it entirely bringing pain with any slight weight laid on it. In all the times of injury I desparatley limped off trying to keep distance from the dogz yet failing miserably. When in hope of rescue someone pulled me in dragging me into the underbrush of a grove of trees. I jumped in panic not noting the face of my encapturer as a man beyond the open forest ran from behind the gloomy swamp where it was mostly always vacant catching the dogz off guard committing a chase on the newly approached rebel. I gasped with a sigh of relief until I turned my head trying to get a glimpse of the man who grabbed me in the first place not sure if to react in thanks or caution. Who are you?" I asked sternly my eyes pinched at it sides holding a glare in expression. "I'm no one of your concern" the cloaked being answered deeply. "Well maybe you are if you pulled me in here in the first place" I replied shouting in a whisper like notion "You mean saving your life yeah your welcome by the way" he mockingly responded . "Well thanks but seriously who are you and I had everything under control not needing your help what so ever" I answered semi-lying on having everything being under control but still remarked with pure confidence. "Oh yeah twisting your ankle and being chased by bloodthirsty drones is definitely in control if that control I would not want to see out of control and me I already said nobody but you are somebody and looks like that ankle isn't getting out the dogz reach anytime soon without me so I guess I'm the helper" he replied cautiously standing dusting off his slacks a mask enclosing his face from viewers eye. "Whatever nobody but thanks I guess for sort of saving me and I guess some help won't hurt" I mumble back in appreciation also taking into standing position.

The "nobody" escorted me to the center field in the vaguely towered battle fields of our solitary confined homelands ever so slightly taking me under way balancing as a great stabilizer in walking. The demolished city buildings and rusted rooftops spread throughout the empty landscape making the only comfort we knew here, anyone knew here hollow and broken. The walk silent other than the crunching branches falling beneath the weight of our feet heavy yet light in a way only metaphorically understood. The whispering winds and whimpering howls of the night sky swallowing us into undefying blackness frightening in might. As we stepped among the village based areas the "nobody stopped facing me his black cloak shading him once again from my curious venturement. "Your welcome wild flower" he said looking down towards my bag obviously proving knowledge of the flower. As he unmasked himself revealing rustled brown hair, emerald green eyes a tan complextion symbolizing embrace and keen protection all at once. Then I saw it on his left cheek why he was masked the in the length of our time together. An arrow through the ring of fire he was a marcher. And marchers killed, they killed people like me.

Taken back in full surprise I step back my eyes sunken deep in my face and worry fallen straight through me. As if time has stopped in moment of a definite approach to disaster. The marcher grins pleased with my react to my newfound discovery of his "kind". He then drops a dead leaf braided among a strewn of burnt out candle buds at my feet one of the marchers symbolic traditions. Then raises his finger motioning to stay quiet stares deeply into my eyes or that of what is left of it in which the ongoing final lasting predicaments warning them to seal as he smirks one last time slyly noting he'll be back than races into the forest life leaving me alone broken, scared and marched on just as my home just as all of us has. As I slide into my humble home disgusted with myself for the slight association with a marcher that all I am is dead inside and soon to be dead outside as well.

I had now taken a seat at the dining room my face flushed in fear and body shaking by what though. The agonizing pain of my foot, the chase from the dogz who's keep masters would soon find me if taken into any other noted rebellious actions, my encounter with a marcher something I as one to the fellowship should not have done ever in my lifetime or the coldness sweeping over my family's makeshift shelter. To busy into my own head I was interrupted by Milo my younger brother who was already 14 yet still young in known society making him my little baby that I always forgot how much older he had become. "What are you doing up" I order "I heard the door shut" he replied shyly. I ofcourse knew it was not the door closing it was his nightmares of mom, dad, our baby sister and days dawning each fellower. I just nodded trying not to take notice to what probably was the case of his waking. "So what are you doing up and stuff" Milo mumbled reaching out for a clean dish rag in order to soak for my foot obviously catching sight of the twisted ankle. "I went out tried to finish up a housing job at Corison Brooks Center and slipped so I landed here with a twisted ankle" I lied I never liked telling Milo the whole story knowing he'd get worried and want to come putting both of us in danger. He just nods wrapping my foot in the damp cloth filled with snow our father keeps for meals and healing procedures. Soon enough my ankle is num and chilled to the bone as I tirelessly watch Milo's swift hands wrapping it up into a good position in bandages brought to us by the Keep Masters monthly as needed in cost of "other assignments". I thank him graciously and rustle his blonde perfect curls of hair "I always envy your wavy hair" he speaks breaking the silence between us while rubbing my ankle gently with ointment soothing the twist completely. I laugh back "Aww but I've always loved your curly blonde locks" I reply a smile creeping onto my face "You not me, not the person living with the wild hair" he jokingly states finishing up the twist entirely. I look down amazed by the relieved pain never noticing how gentle Milo's embrace truly was as my brother something clearly passed along to him from our father one of the Asrods. An Asrod was a traditional healer both spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally inclined. My father was one of the most respected of Asrods in all of Fellowship working wonders on end every day which always struck him at the sight of seeing our mother slowly disappear into oblivion. I stand uneasily and smile at Milo its already about 3 in the morning which weighs me down in restlessness "Hey why don't you go to bed I should get some sleep to" I instruct calmly laying a hand on his shoulder. "Alright I guess your right I'm going down to the lumber yard and metal shack tomorrow might need all the sleep I can get" he replies back smiling back at me "Oh and keep it easy on that foot don't want it in any worse condition" he orders I nod and walk off into the night slowly falling into slumber, a slumber which I should have never awakened from.

The Death Rise the breakout of all chaos and war in heights unreachable, unexplainable at best. There was a time before that before everything...changed. A world of freedom, beliefs, friendship, family, clothing, devices, happiness, laws, order, homes, people, a dream world to what was now reality. Then it all ended crashed into deep despair that unlocked the souls of envious beings of demonic rulings. They called him the cloaked one an outsider from another world a world that was devilish in resemblance and had powers of countless capabilities. He broke it broke the peace, broke everything. Those who remember say that during those times it was a ghost town vacant with the creeping shadows of whimpering feared people in the tracks. Death reeking every place in every moment, blood the marking on each building surrounding those innocent to the cloaked one and his ruling empire. Then when it was just the end to us all there was Groden our savior with just the same miraculous powers of the cloaked one he bethrowned the cloaked one "saving" us all. A revolution struck as Groden and his group of rebelled leaders also claiming divine powers took into our ruling force as our Righteous Leaders better locally acknowledged as the R leaders. They had changed it all those who were left followed Groden and the R leaders as they had shutdown the rest of the world leaving us the colonies.

The colonies there were 10 of us each divided into regions furthermore held under secured purposes by the Keep Masters. Our appointed faculty held at full security from the R leaders strictly put into guard at us and any rebels to keep "peace". In also for hope of peace each colony had a job, a responsibility to uphold. #1 Devotion they were the capitol of religious background and beliefs. Put there to figure out a world of unknown the ends and odds of the outer world and the home of the cloaked being himself. Most of the residents were crazy to normal society yet had the answers to all questions and saw things no one else could. #2 Messengers they were in charge of all the transportation of goods and other necessary equipment as well as the transportation vehicles themselves. #3 Menders they were the healers the wizards of all that was needed both emotionally, physically and spiritually. Yet also were the creators of such magnificent work as bandages, health aids, ointments and healing saps. Some were referred to Asrods the most powerful of healers yet a very classified group one of which being my father who yet was one to an Asrod did not live in #3. For other reasons yet the Menders were always appointed under jobs in deepest emergencies. #4 Controllers they were the minds of all of the devices held upon for the R leaders in protection of us in anticipation to war on outsiders and in regards to keep us all "in line". They were some of the smartest people as one of the most guarded of all colonies due to the unrealistic appliances constantly built upon the grounds. #5 was us Fellowship right in the middle we were a simple colony held within unity and religion. Yet were the crafters the builders stuck in dreary factories forced into hard labor of making clothing, shelter, supplies and necessities for the R leaders although barely having anything as the scrap colony in the unity. Then came #6 the Grovelands one of the most beautiful of colonies filled with such artistic scenery with lakes and rivers, forest life sprawled along the oceanic sandy banks, rigid mountain tops and abundancies of lively crops and green life everywhere. Known as the cropping colonies in order of the raising of vegetables such as carrots, turnips, beans, rice and tomatoes our main vegetables or grain source. As well as plant life with capable needs in healing, eating and soothness of sores. Yet another longly guarded colony due to its advantages. #7 Laborers these were our work force. Worked in the cattle and as if like slaves to the R leaders in cause of low classmen and cared to all the tendencies of any wishes of a Keep Master. One of the saddest colonies as if treated like dirt which to the Leaders they were. #8 Roariorrs these were our army force. Constantly trained, beaten to death, imprisoned and trained again in case of low class punishment and readiness to war. Among the outside and the inside yet the inside was different story. #9 Scroungers they were the lowest of the low technically, they barely lived off of nothing brought in punishment or low standard generations. Beaten, imprisoned, enslaved, hung, carried in diseases and taken away in so many ways it was unbearable to imagine. Then #10 the last of them all the Marchers. They were the worshipers to the cloaked being with no help from the R leaders shut from the outer world yet brought in to be beaten and shown for in example of betrayal forced into slaughter of each other. They were lower than dirt to the R leaders, nothing only shown as examples to us all and constantly killing them off yet the Marchers they always killed in other ways too.

"Fawn wake up" Starlit orders jumping on my sheet covers her body covered in dirt and hair in knots as I wonder what this girl was doing all morning. She was 7 still a younger as was I also but she more in the early stages of fellowship. I groggily arise sunlight streaming into my bedroom window it was now my job to care for my brothers and sisters with father under work as an Asrod of potential harm in the factories and now the pressure of additional work in the factories due to our sickly mother. Leaving me with the youngers due to lack of schooling passed from the Leaders to the colonies. I jump up in excitement picking up Starlit as if she was still 6 months old and dropping her at our dining table filled with snow from the storm the night before our fireplace barely keeping warmth. She smiley chatters on about seeing a woodpecker this morning and climbing up the tree to grab it as a pet then mistakingly grabbed a loose branch fell and landed in the giant pile of snow in our yard out front. I correspondingly try to listen while in the making of jelly toasted bread with hamster meat something once in storage for 2 months yet in desperate need of eating as I run our pot on the fireplace cuddling by Starlit in the winter breezes. Not trying to awaken any of the others until Milo peeks out of his bedroom taking a seat next to Starlit as she crawls into his lap forcing him to hug his warmth onto her as we try to wrap each other in blankets. "So whats on the menu today" Milo jokes knowing that our food supply has been running low as he folds his hands over the fire to try to keep warm. "Toasted jelly with hamster meat" I reply turning the hamster at an even pace "Ooh my favorite" Milo smiles running his hands upon Starlit's gentle embrace. "Mines too" I arouse grabbing our dusty plates out of the cabinets and placing it on the living room floor near the fire already anticipating the cook. "Do you know if Brylor or Aradine is up" I calmly ask picking the hamster off the fire and the jelly toasted bread evenly sharing it among 5 plates. "No" Starlit answers picking up the toast and stuffing it into her mouth crumbs spilling everywhere leaving both me and Milo a laugh at her mess. All she makes out is another smile then rejoining herself to the meal. "I'll wake them up" I answer standing up and embarking into Brylor and Aradine's room. Until I see it in the reflection of my window the nobody, the nobody from last night.

"Um Fawn what are you looking at" Starlit asked suspiciously grabbing some pot holders from the kitchen I blinked shot with fear "Oh nothing I just see the fallen branch from the great oak I'm gonna check it out see the cut you know that branch gathers birds and I'd hate to have a messy yard for the keep masters to inspect so let me just pick it up real quick you and Milo can finish the cook then I'll be back to wake up Brylor and Aradine". I replied kissing the top of Starlit's head and walking out the front porch to the very place I had seen the despicable marcher. The icy air biting at my skin as I worriedly looked for the "nobody" just as I turned at the oak tree I saw him. "What do you want you may be a marcher but this is the fellowship land you don't belong here?" I shouted confidently staring into his deep green eyes each pupil evil and yet sly. "Wow someone picked a day to be noble" the marcher spoke his cold hand touching a curl of my hair my body tightening but not letting way in the fear reaching towards me. "Leave now this is not your place I thanked you for your gracious saving of me but that is where it ends so go and never step foot near my home ever understood" I resounded snapping my face within inches to the marchers. As he smiled "I will leave if you can tell me one thing that you don't want to know my name" He asked his voice warm, deep and cryptic in all the same instant. I stayed quiet the curiosity tugging at me but my voice hushed to the question. The boy winked dropped a wad of dead leaves wrapped in burnt out candle buds at his feet, just as he took a step north he spoke "The name is Kharlion, my wildflower I will see you once more" as he raced off into disappearance. I stood once again at a loss of words hating myself for the conversing brewing between a marcher and I. As I picked up the broken branch and raced into the house.

"What took you so long" Milo asked peeling the chipped off hamster off the fire "Oh yeah some of the branch was caught in a bundle of weeds so I had to tug it out but its all good just set up the plates and I'll get up the kiddos" I replied running into Brylor and Aradine's room. "Brylor wake up" I shouted shaking his shoulders violently until a groan released his brown hair matted to his forehead just as dark and curled at the ends as mine. "What you want" he yelled back his 9 year old voice high and irritating "For you to get up Bry come on Milo and Starlit are up and we made breakfast hurry before the ice storm blows out the fire and we meet in the Field got it" I pleaded practically pulling him onto the floor. "Fine I'm getting up" Brylor yearned pulling on his red and white sweatshirt and jeans while racing into the dining room. As I picked up baby Aradine her crystal fair skin as light as snowflakes while her dark luscious hair soft and beautiful in the daylight glimmer. "Hi baby girl how are you doing" I spoke sweetly rocking the 1 year old back and forth her head as hot as the fire roasting the breakfast in the dining room. As I kissed her head a million times while singing folktales I learned at Starlit's age. Just the thought of my little sick baby killing me inside until I grabbed a bottle of goat milk out the pantry and joined the others for breakfast a great family meal just us kids as always.

It was around mid-day already the sun bright and vibrant as it sat still high along the sky lit clouds. Mother was asleep in the healing room as always her moans here and there loud and agonizing to hear. "Do you need help?" asked Brylor his bright hazel eyes a ray of sunshine in the day dusk's atmosphere. "Yeah actually grab the ends of the threads and twist it together like this" I instructed him as we widdeled away trying to make another blanket we'd need among the winter months. Milo had already left for the lumber yard as he did every other day to rack up some money for the family and to pass initiation as a fellower. Which was a must for acceptance unless you wanted to drop down to #7 colony and work as a slave to the Keep Masters. Starlit was cuddling Aradine by the fire trying to keep her warm as their faces snuggled one another. There was less than an hour left till we'd all meet in the Field. "Hey Bry I'm gonna take a walk see if their are any scraps of bread thrown out by the train stations you, Star and Aradine stay here understand" I commanded grabbing my furry jacket made out of wolf skin a gift from one of the lumber boys that worked with Milo. "Ok Fawn be careful its not the greatest time of the year and marchers are on attack mode ever since the hanging of their leader Carlos Mentepe" spoke Brylor cautiously. "Alright you know I will and how do you know about that" I worriedly asked not liking my brother's knowledge of the danger everywhere. "Word gets around Fawn we may be cooped up in this house all day but word gets around" Brylor resounded mockingly "Whatever you say Bry Bry your in charge I'll be back by meeting in the Field" I announced rustling his shaggy hair and kissing Starlit and Aradine on the forehead before stepping out the house and making my way toward the train stations.
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