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Fana, is a banana. But her tale might surprise you. "The Banana Contest"
Fana, which is a banana, is having a very stressful day. While she understands that her lot in life is to be consumed by some creature, in some way, she just can't come to terms with it.

It might help if other banana's could share their story, but alas, there is nothing left of them to come back and talk about it all. Those that escape being eaten, die a long, slow death withering away, and blackening upon the tree, ground, or even in a trash bin somewhere.

Which is really the better way? Fana wonders. Usually, the ones left to rot were far too small, or have been badly damaged by: animals, storms, insects, you name it!

Today, Fana is filled with stress, because the banana pickers are working at her growing tree. She knows her fate shall be decided soon, and still isn't sure which fate is the better. Her guess is that if she is chosen from the growing tree with the rest of her bunch, it is likely the best fate, as there is honor in being chosen.

As best she can tell, she is well grown and developed, and just a wee bit on the green side yet, which is when the pickers most like to harvest them. Unable to help herself, Fana giggles, as gentle fingers wrap around her and the others in her bunch. The contact of the humans hand tickles her.

As her bunch is plucked from the growing tree, she notices an odd sensation. It feels like her youth has been severed from her. It isn't painful, really, just odd. She feels as if she is beginning to slowly ripen; age. Fana wonders how long it would have taken her to begin to age, had she been left to mature, then rot on the tree.

She soon forgets this thought, as she is placed in a big, waxy box with many others of her kind. She feels another slight tickle, as a spider is plucked from her neighboring banana, fingers, barely grazing her thick skin. Fana was glad the spider hadn't been on her, as she has always feared the creatures.

Suddenly, she feels the box she is in being lifted, and placed into the back of an old truck. The sound of the truck scares her, but she tries to stay brave. Again, there is movement. It must be time to be taken away from here, Fana thinks. And sure enough, the truck begins to move forward, and bounce along the rutted path that runs along side the growing trees.

Soon, the bumpy movement in the noisy truck ends, and all around her, Fana senses the sudden darkness and funny smell. So...it's true. We get blasted with a gassy substance to force us to become a beautiful golden color, before our time. Oh sure, we are still a bit green around the peelings, when we arrive at our destination, but before long...we will be perfectly golden. Thus, enticing our predators to sink their teeth into our soft, sweet flesh, that lays just beneath the tough, thick and bitter skin we sport.

It isn't long before Fana feels herself being transported, yet again. She hopes she is progressing well, as she is proud, and doesn't wish to disappoint.

Finally, Fana reaches her destination. The lid is lifted and the box is set upon a shelf. She can hear a verbal exchange, but has no clue as to what is being discussed in the foreign language. There is so much activity and noise going on around her, that she can feel the excitement in the air.

"Welcome! Welcome to my humble produce stand!" Fana can hear the words, but cannot understand the meaning of them. Whatever they convey, sounds happy and inviting. At first she thought the words were being directed at her, but soon, it was apparent it was directed to the humans, who crowded the busy market place.

Ouch!, Fana thought, as rough hands dug through the box, poking at her. A moment later, she chuckled as tiny, gentle fingers tugged at her. "I want this one Mommy!" a little girl states, smiling up at her mother.

Smiling, her mother looks down to the banana little Adrienne is pointing to. Nodding, "I think you have chosen the most perfect banana here!" her mother tells her. "Let's take the whole bunch home with us, shall we?"

Adrianne smiled even bigger, showing off her missing front tooth and agreed. "But this one is mine Mommy," she says as she separates Fana from the others, and tucks her gently between her hands.

Fana is delighted, as she really likes the softness of the little ones gentle, tickle-like touch. Poor Fana had been subjected to way too much bouncing, poking, prodding and rough handling this day. Fana could think of no other she would want to nourish and please with her sweet flavor. She only hoped that by the time the little lady consumed her, she would still be fit to eat, and not a bruised up mess from the days' punishment.

Adrienne and her mother stopped to sit at a bench in the nearby park. It was time for them to each enjoy the banana of their choice. her mother chose one that was almost as perfect as Fana, herself was. She braced herself for the agony of having her skin ripped from her body. But to Fana's surprise, it was done most delicately, and didn't hurt at all.

As little Adrienne moved in to take her first bite, Fana tried to stay brave and block out the pain she knew was to come. But again, Fana was delighted with the surprise of a pain free experience. When the little gal took her first, tentative taste, it was just a tiny little piece. Not only did Fana enjoy the feeling of sharing herself, but she also hoped the little girl enjoyed her flavor.

"Oh Mommy!" Adrienne exclaimed, "This is the yummiest banana I have ever had... ever!" as she nibbled away. Fana was so proud and pleased, that with each little nibble, she felt a jolt of joy surge through her. It was then, that Fana knew, she had fulfilled her destiny.

(1039 words, for the "Banana Contest" Where I had to write from the viewpoint of a banana.)
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