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Fantasy flash story for Sensual Infusion

“Porco,” she screamed, her rich brown eyes flashing fire. “Just because I allowed you to buy me dinner doesn’t mean I will jump into bed with you.”

“Hey, gorgeous, I wasn’t assuming anything. I just wondered if we might, well, take our relationship a little further.”

“Relationship? We have no relationship, you sleaze.”

“Look, Maria, I think you’re beautiful, smart, funny and incredibly sexy. Do your blame me for wanting to get more intimately acquainted?”

Some of the ferocity left her eyes. “I’m sorry for calling you a sleaze, Brad, but flattery doesn’t change anything. Thank you for a lovely meal, but you’d better go before things get more complicated than they already are.”

Despite being rejected, Brad was still entranced, and had to figure out a way to get back in her good books. As it happened, fate intervened. A few days later, Maria appeared at Brad’s computer sales and repair business, looking troubled.

“This is an unexpected pleasure, Maria. What can I do for you?”

“This machine is playing up and I don’t know what to do.” Brad winced as she slammed down a laptop. “I hear you’re great with computers, so can you fix this for me, please?”

Brad looked at the machine, recognising an old model, which gave trouble as it aged. “Hmm let me run some tests. Have a seat—I won’t be long.”

Brad knew trouble when he saw it, and quite unethically cloned the hard drive because he knew it was within days, even hours, of letting go completely.

“Bad news, I’m afraid, Maria. This laptop is near failure. You need a new unit.”

“Voi bastardo,” she screamed. “You’re just trying to get revenge for me refusing to go to bed with you. Si può andare al diavolo,” and stormed out.

Maria returned later looking embarrassed. “I’m so sorry, Brad, you were right. I took this piece of junk to three other places and they all said the same, and tried to sell me expensive replacements. But my data is lost and I don’t know what to do.” And at this, she burst into tears.

“Look, Maria, I can sell you a good new laptop at cost price.” He quoted her a figure barely half of the other quotes.

“But what can I do about my data? I’ll be ruined,” and her tears returned.

“I must confess, Maria; when you brought your laptop in originally, I copied your whole hard drive because I knew it was about to fail. So I’ve got all your data ready to load onto your new computer.”

The transformation was instantaneous. Maria screamed with joy, and flung herself at Brad, showering his face with kisses. “Thank you so much, Brad. I owe you, and I’ll make it up to you any way I can.”

She saw the glint in his eyes and laughed. “Well, maybe not that far, but if you were to invite me to dinner again, I’d definitely say ‘yes’.”

When Brad picked her up, he was almost speechless. She wore an electric blue silk jersey dress with a rolled halter neck that revealed her stunning figure. Three inch heels showed off her legs to perfection.

“Judging by your expression, I appear to be acceptable.” she laughed.

“Oh yes, Maria, you look absolutely gorgeous.”

The meal was delicious and Maria scintillated. She was engaging, talkative, funny, flirty, tactile and generally had a wonderful time. Brad thoroughly enjoyed himself, but was mildly surprised when she invited him back to her place for a nightcap.

“Maria, is this just for a nightcap or can I read something more into your invitation?”

Her look was compounded of anticipation, excitement and lust. “Would you be a sweetie and unzip me, please, Brad?”

“Sure, if you will do the same for me.”

“You are so naughty,” she whispered and Brad took one hand and spun her into his arms.

“I charge for my unzipping service,” he murmured and kissed her softly, nibbling on her full, inviting lips.

Maria’s reply was hot and wet, her mouth like liquid fire.

“Oh god, Brad, I want you so much. You’ve flipped a switch and now I know there is real chemistry between us.”

Disengaging briefly, Brad unzipped her dress, which shimmered to the floor, leaving Maria in only a micro bra in a foam of silk and lace and a thong.

He was mesmerised, more so when she reached behind and released the excuse for a bra. Her breasts sprang free, and Brad moaned deep in his throat when Maria looked deep into his eyes and whispered, “Handle me, Brad. Make me scream and then take me, hard ... please!”

Brad's touch built a tension of desire inside Maria which she needed to release before it overwhelmed her. She trembled as his lips slipped around an ear and down her shoulder. He ran a finger from her chin down between her breasts and her nipples hardened in need.

"Kiss them, bite them," she moaned and Brad enjoyed the hot sensation of her body shuddering in response. Her shudders triggered an answering flood of desire in him, and he kissed his way down her soft, hot skin towards her damp, fragrant centre.

Maria whimpered as his tongue swept across her, and she begged him to take her. "Please, Brad, please don't make me wait ... please ... now!"

He moved slowly into position, and then, with one slow, forceful movement, entered her.

Maria screamed and clawed at his back with sensual overload. His thrusts generated a rising climax in her, and Maria's velvety passage had the same effect on Brad. They clung together, gasping jumbled sounds of lust and desire before joint orgasms thundered through them.

Brad recovered first and looked at Maria as her eyes opened. "Oh wow, Maria- I can't find words to describe ..."

"Don't try, cutie. I just want to fix this moment in my mind so I'll never forget," and she kissed him, long, sweet and languid.

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