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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2045430
A child's story about getting ready for bed.
         Tobin was playing with his trucks on the floor.

         Mommy said, “Come on, Tobin. Let’s get your jammies on.”

         He kept on playing. Mommy called him again.

         “Two trucks, Mommy.”

         “Yes, two. Maybe they should close shop for the night. Let’s go brush your teeth.”

         He ran to the bathroom and climbed onto his step stool. Mommy handed him the green toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it.

         He brushed his teeth, than spit in the sink.

         “Great job on your bottom teeth, Tobin. Now let’s brush the top ones.”

         He brushed more. Mommy helped him turn his brush around.

         “That’s it. A little bit longer.”

         He spit again. Mommy helped him rinse. Then she washed his face.

         Daddy came in and scooped him up.

         “Let’s go get you changed. Did you have a good day today?”

         He put Tobin on his bed.

         Tobin said, “I played with Ryan.”

         “You saw Ryan and Kendle today?”

         “Yes,” Mommy said. “They came to see us.”

         “That was fun. What else did you do?”

         “I played in the sand.”

         “Put these frog pajamas on,” said Mommy.

         "Whoa. You must have been barefooted. Your feet are too dirty to put in the bed.” Daddy held his feet up.

         “I’ll get his wash cloth,” said Mommy.

         Daddy changed Tobin’s shirt. “See the frogs?”

         Tobin nodded his head. Mommy came in and washed his feet. They helped him change into his pajama bottoms.

         “Who loves you more than Daddy?” Daddy asked.

         “Nobody,” said Tobin.

         Mommy asked, “Who loves you more than Mommy?”

         “Nobody,” said Tobin.

         They all three laughed.

         Daddy tucked him into bed.

         “Want to say your prayers?” asked Mommy.

         Tobin closed his eyes and put his hands together.

         “God bless Mommy. God bless Daddy. God bless Grandpa. God bless Donna and Leo. God bless Gary. God bless Joey. God bless Sharon. God bless Courtney and Allie. God bless Ryan and baby Kendle. Amen”

         “That’s good,” Daddy said. “I’m going to turn out the light. Good-night, Darling.”

         Daddy left the room. Mommy sat in the dark with Tobin while he sang. Then he went to sleep and dreamed about another day.

The End.
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