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It's a short letter to a best friend
Hi Amy,
Thanks so much for your last e-mail.
So, tell me about yourself, do you like your new job in the supermarket? I mean, you can try to apply to a society or a company because when I saw your curriculum vitae I was impressed, you can make your own future my dear.
I'm sorry to hear your father's accident in the car's workshop.
I guess I'll visit him in the hospital this weekend once I'll finish my work about this season's fashion runaway, deal?
I got lot of things to tell, Emily and I are going shopping this Tuesday because i need a dress for that runaway I just told, I hope I'll find something good.
I know you're going to say:"she is a stylist! Why will she need to by a dress instead of making her own?! "
Simply, I don't have enough time to make one; I'm so busy this week because of work.
You know, I went to this new opened restaurant which I really liked, they serve very nice and they're so polite. I had a Margarita pizza and a Pepsi as a main menu, and I ordered a British trifle for desert. It was so delicious!
You'll be amazed about the fact that Jennifer is getting divorced! Yes, she says that she just found out that her husband was cheating on her with her BEST FRIEND!
God, I still can't believe it. Well, that is the truth that you can't hide.
Garry, my brother, is making a huge party for his fiancée, isn't that great! You're invited by the way, it's next Friday on 14:00. Don't miss that!
Finely I remembered, I watched a movie for George clooney, do we write his last name this way, whatever, and a few days later I met him in Cane's movie festival and we sat the next day in a café, we had coffee and we talked, he asked me if I make clothes for men, so now I'll have to make a special tuxedo for him, that's why I'm busy these days.
René and Lim are coming back finely from their honeymoon in Hawaii and René wasn't happy about that, hhh, she said I wish if we could've spend two months instead of one there, I really missed her.
My niece, Kim is coming home, she's so happy for that because she says : "finely, school's over, yeah!"
She's going to spend almost 15 days from her holiday with mom; she's so excited about that, she even made a planning for that,hhh, she's crazy.
I have to tell you something, do you remember that day in the Lola beach? That man who took our beach umbrella and he ran away. That man was scared after you cached him and he said sorry and went away.
Before yesterday , when I was leaving my apartment, I met him on the door trying to steal my blue berries that I planted last year with you and Jack. Isn't that weird, I mean, why would he do that !? Right!? After I talked to him, I found out that he didn't know that it's my apartment, but even, why would he steal people's stuff.
Whatever, I forgave him again and he said sorry again, he even cried because he thought I will call the police, hhh, what a crazy man!
Do you remember the maid Lucie? I fired her because she was trying to steal money, so she looked for it in my dressing room; she thought she will find some in the closet. I mean, what's wrong with people? Everybody started stealing! Anyway I brought a new maid and I think she's better then this one.
That's all; I can't wait for your next e-mail.
Don't forget to write me next week, I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about.
Take care,
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