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The Iranian people want regime change.
By Pejman Amiri
More than one hundred thousand of Iranians from around the world took part in a mobilization effort of a major gathering in Paris on June 13, on Saturday with the participation of president elect Maryam Rajavi.
Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, delivered a speech at the event. In respect with the meddling of the Iranian regime in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, she said, “Today, the clerical regime has fallen into the trap of three regional wars, in which it can neither advance nor retreat. The bubble-like expansion of the ruling theocracy has put it in a perilous predicament.”
Rajavi further described the Iranian regime’s predicament as, “When Bashar Assad is toppled or when the regime’s forces are defeated in Iraq or in Yemen, the regime's entire front in the Middle East will collapse. This regime lacks the capability to advance in these three wars.”
Another issue discussed at the rally was Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq. It was underscored that the United States and United Nations must guarantee the security of Camp Liberty and work to end the inhumane siege against its residents.
U.S. Senator John McCain, who sent a video message to the gathering, said the PMOI members at Camp Liberty are in danger and the Obama administration is taking far too long to relocate them to safety. He vowed to introduce legislation to protect the residents of Camp Liberty
The reality is that the engine and primary force that guides the developments is neither the tug of war between the regime and the US in the nuclear file nor the infighting between the two ruling factions. The main battle has been and is between the Iranian people and their Resistance and the ruling theocracy. Change in Iran is inevitable but not from within the regime, rather through the Iranian people and their Resistance.
“The people of Iran neither want nuclear weapons, nor meddling in Iraq, Syria or Yemen, nor despotism, torture and shackles,” Rajavi said. “The people of Iran are the tens of millions of enraged teachers, students, nurses and workers who demand freedom, democracy, jobs and livelihood.”
The Iranian people want regime change and the Iranian Resistance is the guiding force. This Resistance is the main player in any serious and essential development in Iran. That is why the mullahs are attempting to delay their overthrow by increasing executions, massacring the PMOI in Ashraf and Camp Liberty, and resorting to deceptive propaganda.
The other important fact is the Iranian Resistance is seeking a republic based on separation of church and state, gender equality, annulment of the death penalty, and a non-nuclear Iran. This gathering reflects the will of the Iranian people from all walks of life, including political prisoners, for freedom and democracy.
Now they believe the time has come for the international community to stand with the Iranian people.
Pejman Amiri , Political and human rights activist who has fled Iran due to the repression of freedom activists.
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