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Pointing singers special clawed fingers - accusing the discombobulated mirror bell ringers
I dedicate this rap poem to Wayne and Sam.

Apportioning blame

You are to BLAME! Aren't you? Really? Am I, then?
Who left a wheelchair stuck blocking our ink pen?
Get off your base to move mobility's aid
Well? Speak up and tell us. NOW. Do as your paid!

Blame can be written; pointed, Too old- told.
From perspectives, bad or smitten, both old- bold.
Sparkling eyed wonder with thoughts provoked.
Change. Experience and wisdom, yoked
with fear, with mannerisms, set opinion.
Anger. Mocking. Misery. Ignorant dominion.

Differing way of life-
forcing, commandeering, strife.
clearly simple quiet treason.
Only one convenient reason.
Progress in any direction,
is profitless fleas on invested infested infection-
satisfaction season.
Unfocused planning belies an underpinning
truthful adhesion.

Everybody studies self defence-
(But will this bring safety?) Is it common sense?
Enrol in dojos, communities defend,
Some other yo-yo whose mind won't mend,
carefully crowd surfing, floating, So-so.
Curses of another brother. Back off. Go. Go!

Evidence of God is there but only if you first believe,
Search without a measurable condition, receive.
These little giants are just the same,
but own cyanoacrylate disabilities.

Their "self" is invisible and has to be believed,
the she, before we see that she can see.
And, he, tee-hee, is who they see;
he who holds aloft himself, eventually.
One end cut short of his melamine shelf.
Zero acknowledgement of those aware of self.

Butterflies pinned to cork with claret leaking
Bruised from delivery stork, their facial holes non-speaking
Adjustable silence in between the wheels
Knowing how the lack of conversation feels

Painting, clicking, drawing, sifting, whatever calling.
Sharp as needles, haystack searching, portrait underscoring
Misunderstood, interpreting their screams, behaviour.
Pitying stares at those who aren't their saviour.

Human nature's barrier is laziness, fear,
Ponderous labyrinthine official ear.
Protocols guarding the icy grinning peer,
Spirals circling near, breeding grounds brewing.
Disenfranchised eagles, injuries accruing,
Non-existent ironic agony deflection
Nesting among the months of withheld protection.

Sledge hammer empathetic smashing down the forth wall,
Inspiration - seismic outburst, lonely isolated person, call.
You are to BLAME! Aren't you? Really? Prevention?
Denying our faults, every crime-less confession, fall
in love with absent mind, a gender-less invention.

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