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What happens when a horse, an ostrich, and a cow meet.
Looking out from the fence in 3 directions you could see shadows approaching. The closest figure was tall with slender legs and neck, almost like a dancer, but with a waddle like a woman with a full skirt and a bustle. The next figure seemed to lumber, slow and steady toward the fence, with it's head low. This one was like a block with no neck and awkward legs. It didn't seem to have anywhere to go and all day to get there. The final figure seemed to approach with purpose. It's head sat on a thick, arching neck high, looking ahead at the meeting place. It's legs picked up and placed with intention. They were an ostrich, a cow, and a horse.

"Well, I must say," started the ostrich. "The gossip around here is very interesting. All the busy bodies flitting about like they have nothing better to do than fly everywhere they go. It's outrageous!"

"Really, Ostrich, you're just jealous that you can't fly like those birds. You're just as gossipy as all the rest," scolded Horse.

"Uh, how dare you! Wouldn't YOU like to hear what I heard about you!" She shot back.

"Me?! You couldn't have heard anything about me, why I'm perfect. People like me. They pet me, they give me carrots, they spend time with me. Now, you on the other hand, they just ask if you really do stick your head in the sand."

"Humph! I only get close to the ground so I can hear what the gophers have to tell me, and it is good, wouldn't you know!"

"All ready at it, I see," drawled Cow, as she finally arrived at the fence. "Can't you two find something better to do than bicker?"

"Whatever, Hamburger. You just wish you were as graceful as me! People use me to help them, they just EAT you," scoffed Horse.

"We all serve our purpose," said Cow. "We all help the people in our own ways. You needn't be so harsh, Horse."

"Well, you know, Cow. I heard something about YOU too. Do you want to hear it?" Ostrich just couldn't help herself with juicy gossip. "I heard, Horse is getting too slow, you on the other hand are getting to be the right size. The right size for what, I couldn't say. It's just too horrible to tell."

"Slow!" Interjected Horse. "Slow! Well, I'll show you slow! Do you want to race, Ostrich?"

"Me? Really, Horse, an ostrich is the fastest bird on land, and I am an ostrich. But, I wouldn't lower myself to your level and agree to a race with you. What would I learn? Just what I can learn by listening to gophers, you are getting slow. It's not worth the exertion."

"Oh, go stuff a pillow, Ostrich! You think you're a dancer of a bird, but you're just another excuse for a grill. Burger."

"Really, Dog food? I think you better be careful with your insults. Karma will get you in the end."

"Well, this has been...entertaining, but I have some milk to give, so I'll be on my way. Until next time, Horse, Ostrich." Cow turned and lumbered from the bickering racers, and as she did Horse and Ostrich thought they could hear her mutter, "Useless, old..."
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