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by kk
Rated: E · Poetry · Experience · #2045604
Inspired by a wise man, who has watched technology rip apart humanity.
The twisting, turning, flowing stream of emotion spilling out from my desperate soul,
the weapon of the wise wielded,
with power,
in the face of all evil.
the mellow song flowing from my screaming heart,
calling out to all voices around,
lost in the silence of a world crowded with useless noise.
the cure to the sick and the dying,
laying in peaceful slumber at their bedside,
breathing out life.
the beautiful music of eternity,
reconciling the millions of broken spirits crawling around in doubt amongst the shattered earth.
Yet look what they've done with my precious words,
spitting them into meaningless explanations,
poisoning the spirits they were meant to defend.
once strong,
now thrown in vile hate,
destroying the hearts of a generation seeped in the acrid poison of instantaneous response and reply.
once thought and planned into masterpieces beyond imagination,
reduced to a forced cacophony of repeated greetings and empty stories,
existing in world where I love you,
is nothing more than I L Y.
And yet,
in a world where filth and swears are slammed down every other sentence,
and the ashes of a once beautiful language fill our rotting mouths,
I still breath hope into the few verses of peace I can create,
spreading this message of the genocide of meaning itself,
with the few mangled bodies of the words I can still grasp.
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