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Colleen Lord is excited about the Grammys until she receives a disturbing letter.
"What?" Asked Colleen. "Why did he kill himself?" Colleen looked at Judith. "You knew about this didn't you? Why didn't you tell me?" Colleen asked visibly upset. "I told her to keep quiet." Keri spoke up.

Elisabeth drove to Bos's office. She couldn't stop crying feeling betrayed because she still didn't want to accept it was over. She gave him fair warning and now he did it again. She planned on leaving her ring, and a note to divorce Bos.

Colleen was visibly shaken, and upset. Furiously she demanded answers from Keri. "How was I supposed to know Lowell had feelings towards me like a wife? You know how I feel now? Like everyone will make me out to be evil." Sobbed Colleen. Keri stood stoically before Colleen, and while her heart broke as she looked upon Colleen as an adopted niece, How Colleen affectionately called her Aunt Keri, but her son came before any feelings she had for Colleen. After all Lowell was blood. After a long moment of silence Judith showed Colleen the concert bill of her performance the night of Lowell's birthday. "Colleen you're an adult now, and on your own, but I am shocked that you broke your word that you wouldn't perform any concerts on the Lord's day." she said. "Mom. I haven't changed. I still read the Bible and pray everyday." pleaded Colleen. Judith wanted so much to believe her, but was afraid to as Keri would say that Judith was blinded by love for her daughter. "You mean to tell me that you didn't agree to this concert? You're wanting to say that you're innocent of this?" probed Judith. "Mom believe me I was all set to come out for Lowell's birthday when Bos approached me as I was leaving, and said I had to perform this concert. I didn't know about it ahead of time otherwise I would've refused." wailed Colleen. "What difference does it make now. You're an adult, and you could've done the right thing, and cancelled the concert, but you didn't did you?" Keri accused Colleen with a judging glare. Colleen wept even more, but Keri began shouting. "WE'RE GOING TO SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIGHT NOW." She lit the candle, and counted on the count of 3 "CAN'T YOU STOP YOUR SNIVELING?" Yelled Keri at Colleen, and everyone so scared right now began singing "Happy Birthday" to Lowell, and Colleen tried to sing between her sobbing. When the song ended Keri blew out the candle, and Colleen ran out the door slamming it behind her.
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